Unreliable U-Bolt Pro locking with Wifi Bridge

I have four u-bolt pros with bridges. I have experienced unreliable locking and unlocking across all four devices, and with two different routers.

Example 1: When integrated with an Alexa or IFTTT routine, requesting each lock to lock, they will lock about 25% of the time. I have to replicate the routine 3-4 times to get all the locks to successfully lock.

Example 2: When out of the house, and request a lock to lock through the U-Tec app, it frequently will not be able to connect to 1 or 2 of the locks. I cannot rely on remote access to my locks.

In-home (bluetooth) lock/unlock works fine, althought the app is painfully slow to connect to each lock (15-30s each just to get the state).

I have performed every troubleshooting possible. Latest firmware, reset all bridges, reset all locks, reset router, replace router. Bridges are within about 6 feet and clear line of sight with their locks.

Anyone share this experience? Is this better with the newer U-Bolt Pro Wifi?

The bridge is absolutely awful, and they know it. I had to put a ubiquiti AP right next to the bridge to get it to work.

I was having issues with ubolt pro on house and u-bolt wifi on garage, house would unlock but not garage. I’m running a Samsung android but my wife with iPhone had no issues with either. I took out the ubolt wifi and put it on my back door and bought a ubolt with bridge for garage and haven’t had any issues at all with any of the 3 locks. I think U-Bolt has one of the best locks out there.
Recommend by me!
I would like to see an option to lock the doors at certain times like 9pm daily, in stead of 5 mins delay.

We upgraded @Anderson4 @Day @Coughlin your Bridge successfully, which improved the communication features between the 3rd-party server and ours.

After that, please try to log off your U-tec App , then log in again. How to log out of the U-tec account?

Sometimes, you’ll need to unplug then plug it in or pair it again. Setting Up Ultraloq Bridge

Here is the video for your reference. Ultraloq | App Guide: Pair Ultraloq Bridge - YouTube

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else!

@Will - what do you mean by “We upgraded your Bridge successfully?”
Was there a remote upgrade pushed recently?

Earlier this week I disconnected, reset, and re-setup each bridge. One of my four bridges completely bricked, I can’t get it to turn on at all. The other three are still seeing intermittent functionality.

Also received this response from tech support:

Hi James,

Thank you for contacting us.

We will continue to improve the remote connection with the integrations, and the new app will be released soon, it should work better.

The new model, it should have a faster connection speed than the old versions.

@Coughlin Upgrade finished already. If one of your Bridges bricked, please click here https://support.u-tec.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to submit a ticket directly. Our support team will follow up.

I too have issues. Some days I can connect remotely and sometimes the connection fails. The danger is that I may not be able to program or open the door for visitors. I’m 4,000 miles away from the lock so I cannot just run over there. U-tec did send me a replacement bridge but the same thing happens quite regularly. The modem is about 7 feet away from the lock with a direct line of sight. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

@Berkwitt Please click here https://support.u-tec.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to submit a ticket directly. Our support team will follow up with you.

I have the same issue with the WiFi access and app slowness. It is pretty bad some days with having to do multiple restarts of the app in order to even connect to the lock. Everytime I check my wifi status it’s always excellent so I’m not sure what’s causing the lag and disconnect.

@Santos Our team upgraded your Bridge remotely, please try it again. Thanks.

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That update works very well. It connects much faster and moves through the menus more seamlessly. It doesn’t hang any more. I greatly appreciate the help.

@Will - how can I validate that the bridges were updated? What’s the firmware version I should look for? I am not seeing any difference in performance since the upgrade.

All has been working great since bridge update.
Thank You U-Tec !

I have had the same problems. I walk to the door in the front of the house or back door and randomly it is unlocked as it never locked back when someone went out. I called customer service and their recommendation was to reset it and lose all fingerprints and passwords and start all over. Still having the same random problems!! Now what???

@Turner Your Bridge upgraded, please check again.

I am seeing the same issues with failure to connect remotely via the bridge. Can i get an update pushed please?

@Swiney Upgraded, please try it again.

I have been dealing with this kind of issue with both of my wifi bridges. It is spotty at best. Is there anyway that you could push the update to both of my wifi bridges? Thanks so much!

I was about to comment that I used to have nothing but problems with my bridge, but then recently it seems to be working very well. Now that I go through these comments, it seems there was some kind of upgrade. Does anyone else see improvement?

I am having a similar issue with one of the 2 Bridges. They are both on V02.50.0503
Is this the current firmware version? @Will