Ultraloq U-bolt Pro Wifi not locking from SmartThings

Hello, I cannot get SmartThings to lock my new U-Bolt Pro wifi. This is the one w/o the bridge but has built-in Wifi.

Any suggestions?

I am basically setting up Autolock for part of the day rather than the way in the app where it is either on or off all the time. I would like to use SmartThings to lock the door starting at 10PM, then if left unlocked >=5 min lock, then stop this at 6AM.

I have the routine setup and I can unlock from SmartThings but it will not lock.


Hi, I got the same issue starting at last week. But the ones I have are with bridges. It affects many of my Smartthings routines, and hope the issue can be fixed asap

I recently had been using SmartThings to control the Ultraloq Ubolt Pro Wifi series lock with builtin bridge. I was using it to Auto unlock because the U-tec app auto lock had become unusable. In the last month it would work 5% of the month. So I gave up using it and shifted over to SmartThings using a routine to open the lock, turn on lights and even welcome me. It work flawlessly but for only about a week and then last weekend it stopped working. Not only that I can’t even manually open the lock within the SmartThings app. There is no response at all. Anyone else with a similar problem