How to Set Up SmartThings with Ultraloq?

For all you have to say about your smart lock working with SmartThings, please tell us here.

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i have z-wave lock from other brands working with smartThings right now, will consider Ultraloq when need a new one

I have the u-bolt pro with the wifi bridge. Smartthings keeps reporting that the lock is unlocked. The U-tec app is stating the lock is locked. The lock is indeed locked. I tried removing and readding the utec to smartthings but that doesn’t seem to be fixing this issue. Locking the lock through smartthings doesn’t do anything. The smartthings app will report that the lock is locked for a few seconds then it’ll go back to the unlock status.

@itswillder Our support team upgraded your Bridge successfully. Please try to log off your U-tec App and SmartThings‘ account, then log in again. Please let us know if you need anything else!

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@Will It looks like it works without having to log out and log back in. Quite honestly, this is the third time i’ve dealt with U-Tec support and I am pleasantly impressed with the quality! All my questions were answered with actual answers instead of the run around AND they were always answered in a timely manner (always within a few hours). Tell the support team that they are doing a great job and keep up with the great work!

Been unable to get my Zwave lock to successfully pair with smartthings. Sent in a support ticket and was told the issue was on the u-tec side. Any update on when this will be fixed?

Still waiting for an update.

Anyone had luck with the smart things inclusion process yet?

Kinda annoyed that there’s been no peep from u-tec