Ultraloq smart locks just got even smarter — now works with Samsung SmartThings

We have officially inked a partnership with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, enabling U-tec’s Ultraloq smart locks to be integrated with one of the world’s most popular smart home systems. With the integration, our smart locks will be “Works With SmartThings” (WWST) certified, allowing users to seamlessly control their compatible devices through the SmartThings App.

With a love for smart home innovation, We are committed to bring a smart, more convenient, and safer lifestyle experience to users. Integrating with SmartThings will help us further this mission. We currently offers the best-in-class home entry products using the latest technologies for Fingerprint ID, entry codes, smartphone applications, and more.

SmartThings users can now enjoy complete control of their Ultraloq products through the SmartThings App, such as receiving notifications when the Ultraloq smart lock detects a person’s entry into their home or controlling the smart locks with their voice through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can also create their own automations, such as through syncing with other smart home devices to turn on/off lights or play music.

“This is a giant step towards our ambition of making Ultraloq the most comprehensive smart lock product range that allows users complete control over their smart home system,” said Clark Ruan, VP of U-tec.

He adds, “Through this partnership with Samsung’s SmartThings, U-tec can offer the life-changing home entry experience to SmartThings users. Ultraloq smart locks, which provide users with the best keyless entry experience, can now work seamlessly with users’ existing SmartThings devices – a huge leap forward in enhancing the user experience. We have had regular, in-depth discussions with Samsung about ways to elevate and improve the user experience, and we’re extremely excited to collaborate with their team on this integration.”

Learn more about U-tec’s partnership with Samsung’s SmartThings at www.u-tec.com.

And please do the same for Hubitat with ZWave.