All the Integrations with Ultraloq

Ultraloq now works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Apple Watch and SmartThings. Z-Wave smart lock also launched. What could be more for you, please tell us.

Open api so a home assistant integration can be made


Edge Z Wave Drivers for Deadbolts was released with Smartthings on April 28, 2022, was wondering why Ultraloq didn’t make that list. The command classes are present for a generic deadbolt, but the edge driver doesnt recognize the fingerprints, I’m guessing.

I hope you can give some type of updated information with this.
Ultraloq U-Bolt Zwave Deadbolt with smartthings.

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Ring integration is a must. Those who have a Ultraloq and a Ring doorbell camera, usually have them both on the front door. It would be great to see who’s at the front door, and open the deadbolt without leaving the Ring app.


I think having a well documented, open and extensible API allows your tech partners, as well as your prosumer customers to create custom integrations. This allows u-tec to save time building out an integration list. All you would have to do is ‘validate’ the integrations.

I love APIs, they automate my life. I personally use Home Assistant to weave the fabric of my smart home. I was surprised to learn that U-tec didn’t have any official or unofficial (HACS) integrations. I had to integrate into SmartThings/Alexa (both worked) then bridge that into Home Assistant.


I Agree ! Open the API and document it … or create official Integration !!!

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I’ve spoken to Support who indicate a request as been made to integrate with Zwave and their security monitoring. The lock reports status upon inquiry but does not self report when its status changes. The integration to would be very beneficial.


I’d like to see integration with STR automation software. For instance, IGMS integrates with Jervis, automating the codes for guests, both creating them on the device and messaging the guest with their code at the right time.

What would it take to add U-Tec devices to this list?

I agree! Ultraloq and Ring should be able to work together. Last year at one point I was able to control my lock in the Ring app but not anymore. Please allow Ring intigration

Posted this in wishlist as well. Also, got word back a while ago from CusSer. that they are planning on ring integration, but, no timeline. I’m also curious if this will be moot as Matter gets more integration. What Is Matter? We Explain the New Smart Home Standard (2022) | WIRED


Good morning!

I’m the owner of Jervis Systems. Please feel free to contact us directly through our contact us form.

We’ve had other users ask about the Ultraloq WiFI locks. I’ve had a few users try this and it did not work through the TTLock integration we currently have.

I’ve reached out to the U-tec team to work on access to the official APIs. Once we have this integration completed, I will post back.


Bobby Varghese
Jervis Systems

Any updates on ring integration? Is the problem that Ring/Amazon is not allowing it? Currently, I can lock/unlock thru ring, but that’s all.

I am interested in this information and would like to be notified when the Edge Driver is available. ~ Bud's Smart Home - YouTube

I’m hoping for an open API, but in the meantime it would be really useful if the IFTTT integration allowed the capability to select normal mode and passage mode. I have a pool house. When I unlock the lock, I want it to go into passage mode. My home automation system (Homeseer) could do that through IFTTT if the IFTTT integration allowed that. Currently IFTTT allows triggering on locking and unlocking and actions of unlocking and locking. I’d like an action that allows putting the lock in and out of passage mode.