Status Update on Home Assistant Please

Hi there product managers, what is the state of support for Home Assistant? @Carrie

HA is a wonderful and rapidly evolving platform and it has market momentum so there is a window where you could be a leader before someone else does.

I have the ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro with the WiFi Bridge. I hear rumors there might be workarounds using IFTTT (or your Z-wave product) but most of your HA customers would probably like to see local integration like Bluetooth or WiFi vs cloud or IFTT.


I second the request for Home Assistant integration for Ultraloq products that do not support Z-Wave. I would be totally satisfied if they had good Matter support (somewhat satisfied if they had any). That way they would work locally with any make of Matter controller (Apple HomePod or Apple TV, Google Nest Hub, Amazon device for Alexa, etc.), as well as Home Assistant. Pretty please?

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I would like to know this also.

I was really excited when I read that U-tec was a “Works with Home Assistant” partner. Then disappointed when I found that my Ultraloq Pro (wifi) didn’t work with HA.

It appears that U-tec was dropped from the “Works with Home Assistant” program, 12 months ago. So my guess is that U-tec doesn’t care about HA integration. Perhaps the 1,000,000 potential customers is too small a market.

My work-around is to use the Smartthings app, add the U-home integration there, and connect my Home Assistant installation with Smartthings. The lock shows up with open/close status and battery level, and I can control the lock from HA. It’s cloud-to-cloud-to-cloud, so inefficient and a bit slow, but it’s not too bad. The Smartthings integration doesn’t show the open/close status, which is a bummer. I’m adding a ZigBee door/window sensor in lieu of this.

One good thing that the Smartthings app gives me is that it shows when my lock drops off the network. It’s a lot more often than I would like - about once every day or two.

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So much better than no integration! Thanks for that work-around.

No problem. Glad I could help someone else.

What frustrates me is how U-tec are not interesting in opening their API, with seemingly negligible down-sides to them. There must exist an API because both SmartThings and Google use it for cloud2cloud (presumably Alexa, although I’m not in that ecosystem). There are plenty of people who do development in Home Assistant, who would be able to make an API-based integration work. Leaving it undocumented locks out access from not only Home Assistant users, but Hubitat, openHAB and a range of other open source automation platforms. A local API would be ideal, but a cloud API would be a significant improvement.

For Home Assistant, we’ve already integrated our Z-Wave lock. We’ll release more APIs in the near future, and the WiFi series may integrate with HA, but we haven’t set a timeline yet due to development workload. Thanks for your interest in Ultraloq! We’ll keep you updated on any news.