U-Bolt Pro Lock Zwave and Home Assistant Issue

I have the two U-Bolt Pro Zwave locks integrated into Home Assistant using the Zwave JS integration. Recently a firmware update was pushed via Home Assistant upgrading it from 1.13 to 1.5 automatically. This firmware seems to be different than the 02.26.0022 in the app.

Since the firmware upgrade to 1.5, BOTH locks have been very inconsistent in reporting their Locked/Unlocked status. When I manually unlock or lock the U-Bolt Pro sometimes the light blinks and the the status is reported correctly to Home Assistant, as expected. Other times, the light does not blink and the status in HA remains on the last confirmed status. This issue happens about 50% of time to door is locked/unlocked.

This extremely annoying as I have door automations that now fail due to the incorrect status. Not to mention, reporting the incorrect lock status is very insecure. Prior to the upgrade I had no issues, the firmware is the only thing that has changed on both locks.

Is there anyway to roll back this firmware or resolve this issue?

@Dennis Please stay tuned, our agent will try his best to give you an update on your ticket #158912.