U-Bolt Pro Lock Zwave and Home Assistant Issue

I have the two U-Bolt Pro Zwave locks integrated into Home Assistant using the Zwave JS integration. Recently a firmware update was pushed via Home Assistant upgrading it from 1.13 to 1.5 automatically. This firmware seems to be different than the 02.26.0022 in the app.

Since the firmware upgrade to 1.5, BOTH locks have been very inconsistent in reporting their Locked/Unlocked status. When I manually unlock or lock the U-Bolt Pro sometimes the light blinks and the the status is reported correctly to Home Assistant, as expected. Other times, the light does not blink and the status in HA remains on the last confirmed status. This issue happens about 50% of time to door is locked/unlocked.

This extremely annoying as I have door automations that now fail due to the incorrect status. Not to mention, reporting the incorrect lock status is very insecure. Prior to the upgrade I had no issues, the firmware is the only thing that has changed on both locks.

Is there anyway to roll back this firmware or resolve this issue?

@Dennis Please stay tuned, our agent will try his best to give you an update on your ticket #158912.

I’ve experienced the same thing. I regret upgrading the firmware and now it seems home assistant and this lock aren’t working so well together. I was hoping a firmware fix would be released as I’ve heard this lock is no longer marketed as "Works with home assistant ".

Same here. Since the update to the latest firmware, lock status has become completely unreliable. I called tech support last week and was advised to do a factory reset and include the lock again. No improvement.

The tech said there was no way to downgrade the firmware either.

The app also reports the lock is not paired, even though it is.

Makes any automation with the lock impossible. I’ll try calling tech support again tomorrow, but it’s honestly really frustrating.

I am also having this problem. Just upgraded to 1.5.3 and basically the lock isn’t reporting door status correctly, and it doesn’t update lock status correctly either. It doesn’t on manual lock/unlock been when auto lock is engaged for example, it does not. The door status is pretty much staying open.

If you haven’t opened a ticket with support, I’d suggest you do. They have not resolved my issue yet, but they are communicating and making an attempt.

Having the EXACT same issue with the EXACT same setup. Opening a ticket here as well!

This is happening to me now as well. Locks statuses update when triggered from Home Assistant or the U-tec app, but not when I manually lock/unlock. Oddly enough, the lock statuses do update in SmartThings, just not Home Assistant, where it’s most important to me.

This is a huge security risk, and if U-tec products can’t play well with Home Assistant, I can’t continue purchasing U-tec products, nor can I support U-tec products on my YouTube channel.

I have the same issue here, but I have done some testing to try to figure out what is wrong. It looks to me that this issue happens when the lock goes into some type of sleep mode. Still, this renders the lock useless.
First, here is my setup:

  • Ultraloq zwave with Firmware 1.5.3 - no wifi bridge
  • Batteries show high and I used a battery tester on each one
  • Home assistant with ZwaveJS 0.2.1, Zooz 800 USB dongle v. 1.20

I have been able to reproduce the problem 100% of the time as long as I do not operate the lock for a significant amount of time. I normally wait overnight then perform the test as follows:

  1. 1- Check in HA the status - it says it is locked
  2. 2- Manually unlock. Sometimes I see a red light, sometimes I do not. I actually have a video recording of the red light not turning on at all even after several cycles of unlock/lock.
  3. 3- Check in HA the status - still says locked
  4. 4- Manually lock
  5. 5- Manually unlock - the majority of the times I get a red light
  6. 6- Check in HA the status - the majority of the time HA now says unlocked. The lock will keep working flawlessly from this point on until it goes once more into this sleep mode.

So, for the first manual operation during this sleep mode there is no update in status and I cannot send a lock command through HA even if I know the door is unlocked. Again, I have been able to reproduce this failure 100% of the time as long as I wait.

For the one time I could cycle the lock multiple times with no light and no status, a zwave ping did not change anything and I could not control it from HA at all. The only thing that worked was to connect to the lock using the app, at which point the lock started to work with no issues … until this sleep mode kicked in again. Another thing I’ll try is to send a ping before testing to see if that wakes up the lock in case that could be a workaround.
I love the lock, but this makes it unusable. I’ll open a ticket, but I think I have to return this. :cry:

Update: Looks like it can get into this state in as little as 30 mins

Update 2: A Zwave ping does nothing, but sending a Zwave lock command does wake the lock and subsequent manual operation reflects correctly in Zwave. I am sending a lock command via the HA lock service every 15 mins as long as the door is closed and the lock says it is locked.
Update 3: Ultraloq is sending a replacement unit. Will report back if that was the problem.

+1 to this issue. Literally just purchased my lock on November 6th. Had some issues with getting it into Z-Wave JS initially. After finally getting it paired, it kept dozing off and losing connection to Home Assistant. This was before I updated the firmware. After updating the firmware to 1.5.3 in hopes it would correct the sleep mode issue, it still only functions if you “wake it” by using the switch entity for the lock in HA. Pings won’t keep it awake. And it’s status in HA will only show whatever its last connected status was after using the switch entity. If I manually unlock the door, the status in both HA & Z-wave JS will incorrectly show a locked state until it is “awakened” by using the switch entity.

+1. This feels like a comically big deal. It is an update that literally rendered my lock useless now for the purposes I bought it for and what anyone else might of bought it for. Is customer support going to announce anything? Are they goi g to fix this issue that has clearly been present for a long time? I was so excited about this zwave lock too after changing from the Wi-Fi version and now I feel dumb. Please U-Tec fix this

Did they ever help you get this fixed? I feel like a factory reset won’t revert the firmware but if it doesn’t I literally only have the option of returning it

This feels like it needs to be reported to Amazon, they are literally selling a non functional piece of equipment that serves a pretty critical safety function in peoples homes. This company is putting people in danger

I’m wondering if it is possible for them to just provide an earlier firmware file, so we can just downgrade it ourselves. The stock firmware worked perfectly.

Fixed … kind of

Update 4: I received the replacement lock assembly. Zwave works FLAWLESSLY on the replacement with Home Assistant. However, HA reports the replacement is on the old firmware 1.1.3, but the Utec app says is on the latest. I will not upgrade the firmware unless Utec wants me to test with it. I cannot speak to the door sensor as I do not use it. One odd thing with the old firmware is that I could not pair the lock using Zwave S2 security and had to force it to S0 security. I think the key is to stay on the old firmware … for now. Open a ticket, get a replacement, then DO NOT update the firmware.

I could not get the old lock to work consistently with Zwave even after forcing pings, lock status, etc.

Now that it works as expected, I can say I love the lock!

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I’ve had the lock for about 2 years and I am having the same issues… It’ll seemingly work fine for days/weeks at a time then randomly I’ll come home to an unlocked house due to my automations not working anymore as the lock z-wave seems “dead”. I’ll fiddle around with it for a while, do factory resets, take batteries out etc. until finally it starts working again… and then it’ll last for a while again before it happens. I am also on “firmware 1.5”… anyone have a fix? I cannot return the lock in hopes of getting an old firmware one in return, way past the return period on amazon.

Just open a support ticket with Utec and see if they can help.

My findings also reflect your original findings– the lock goes into a weird sleep mode.

I’ve setup an automation to press the ping button every 30s, and this seems to keep the lock awake. I tried pressing the button every minute, but that was too long.

I don’t have a large Z-Wave network, so this constant traffic isn’t a problem for me, but it’s a super kludge workaround.

Any update on this one? I’m having the same issue with one of my 3 locks.

I just figured out a solution to this problem that might help you. I started noticing that I wasn’t able to get a confirmed “Unlocked” status of the lock. There weren’t any other commands I could run to refresh the lock status. Since I have a door sensor, if that door sensor says the door is opened then that means the lock is unlocked. I wrote an automation that unlocks the bolt if the door is opened. This successfully resets the lock status now:

alias: “Secure: Reset Front door bolt status”
description: “”

  • type: opened
    platform: device
    device_id: “door sensor”
    entity_id: “door sensor”
    domain: binary_sensor
  • condition: device
    device_id: “u-bolt”
    domain: lock
    entity_id: “u-bolt”
    type: is_locked
  • device_id: “u-bolt”
    domain: lock
    entity_id: “u-bolt”
    type: unlock
    mode: single

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