Bridge not working

Just set up product after hearing the reviews. Then read the common problems with connectivity and remote access. I can’t even get mine to work consistently. Seems like it has a mind if just own.

FWIW I too had trouble not only getting my two Bridges set-up but also with “consistency”. But those initial problems have faded-away and they both work well now. I don’t know the reason(s) unless they needed first to work with Wi-Fi and get firmware updates?

For sure, you need proximity of the Bridge with the Lock for Bluetooth to work (mine are 5 feet and 20 feet from each of two locks) and then they of course need a strong Wi-Fi signal as well.

I’m going on a couple of days now. The bridge is paired but is not operating the lock features. Now the bridge shows a blinking green light.

Blinking green says “System boot[ing]” and if that’s the case I don’t know how you know it’s paired.

Reset and start over:

screen shot of my phone shows the bridge is paired and the connection is good. Went through the process 4x with the same outcome…the bridge keeps showing a blinking green light. I don’t know why the bridge shows it is rebooting and my phone app is telling me something different… but it is.

If “paired” but still not working, then you should Un-pair, reset, and start again as if you are taking it out of the box for the first time.

Did that several times.

That’s all I got. Time to open a support ticket.

I did. Also found the wire connection to the inside was frayed.

@Chris9 Don’t worry, if there’s an update someone will contact you with the ticket #158923

I’m experiencing the exact same issue.

App shows paired. Bridge has a blinking green light. Have factory reset and repaired to app 3 times. Works for a little while then back to blinking green light.

Support team sent me a new Bridge and this one is working correctly. I still don’t know what caused the problem…but the support team took care of sending me a new bridge quickly.

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Bought the lock 2 weeks ago and have had the same issues. I got it working for a few minutes, connected to Alexa, then it stopped. I unfortunately blamed Amazon then my internet company, but 3 hours of customer support between the two companies, it’s apparent it’s the bridge itself. I’ve been troubleshooting the bridge since I bought it… Lock is otherwise great, but this is disappointing.

The bridges fail. Its a known problem and they will not support past the 12 month warranty. Some if the worst customer service I’ve experienced over a 1 dollar part! Its a shame because I liked the lock and its featured

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I am having the same issue. Need to open a ticket with u-Tec for a replacement bridge. Unit is about a year old but this should not be happening ….

Exact same problem. Either this company is deliberately making their product fail so you have to buy a replacement or their quality is lacking. First the fingerprint reader stops working and afew months later, the bridge fails. Soon to change everything for another company.

It seems with the latest ios app it’s working more reliably now.