Bridge not working

Just set up product after hearing the reviews. Then read the common problems with connectivity and remote access. I can’t even get mine to work consistently. Seems like it has a mind if just own.

FWIW I too had trouble not only getting my two Bridges set-up but also with “consistency”. But those initial problems have faded-away and they both work well now. I don’t know the reason(s) unless they needed first to work with Wi-Fi and get firmware updates?

For sure, you need proximity of the Bridge with the Lock for Bluetooth to work (mine are 5 feet and 20 feet from each of two locks) and then they of course need a strong Wi-Fi signal as well.

I’m going on a couple of days now. The bridge is paired but is not operating the lock features. Now the bridge shows a blinking green light.

Blinking green says “System boot[ing]” and if that’s the case I don’t know how you know it’s paired.

Reset and start over:

screen shot of my phone shows the bridge is paired and the connection is good. Went through the process 4x with the same outcome…the bridge keeps showing a blinking green light. I don’t know why the bridge shows it is rebooting and my phone app is telling me something different… but it is.

If “paired” but still not working, then you should Un-pair, reset, and start again as if you are taking it out of the box for the first time.

Did that several times.

That’s all I got. Time to open a support ticket.

I did. Also found the wire connection to the inside was frayed.

@Chris9 Don’t worry, if there’s an update someone will contact you with the ticket #158923

I’m experiencing the exact same issue.

App shows paired. Bridge has a blinking green light. Have factory reset and repaired to app 3 times. Works for a little while then back to blinking green light.

Support team sent me a new Bridge and this one is working correctly. I still don’t know what caused the problem…but the support team took care of sending me a new bridge quickly.

Bought the lock 2 weeks ago and have had the same issues. I got it working for a few minutes, connected to Alexa, then it stopped. I unfortunately blamed Amazon then my internet company, but 3 hours of customer support between the two companies, it’s apparent it’s the bridge itself. I’ve been troubleshooting the bridge since I bought it… Lock is otherwise great, but this is disappointing.