Bridge stopped working after upgrade to V2. Tried re-pair bridge now stuck in Pair Bridge Next screen

After the app upgraded to V2 my bridge for my “Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Enabled Fingerprint and Keypad Smart Lock - U-Bolt Pro + WiFi Bridge” stopped connecting.

I unpaired the bridge and am now trying to re-pair the lock to the bridge.

The pairing process indicates that both the Bluetooth and Wifi signals are good but clicking the next button does nothing.


I would add - this bridge and lock was working fine for about a year. I noticed remote access had stopped working a few weeks ago but I did successfully re-pair it after updating the lock firmware at that time and remote access only stopped working within the last couple of days (which seems to coincide with the app update).

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same issue! Any solution?

I finally got this to work after many many many attempts over a number of days. I’m not sure if anyone did anything on the back end but here are a couple of additional steps I took .

  1. I deauthorized a u-tec to smartthings integration that I had in place in case it was somehow holding on to the bridge configuration on the back end. I’m very doubtful this made any difference at all
  2. I had a lot of devices running on the wifi network I was trying to pair the bridge to so I deactivated as many of those devices as possible to minimize any wifi network congestion. Hard to tell if this is what actually helped.

I suspect the biggest factor was patience and persistence. The bridge just seems to have a really hard time consistently making the initial wifi connection - that or my wifi network is maybe just flakey in that area? Once it’s all connected it actually works pretty well - although it’s connection is not as stable as the wifi Ultraloq.

I suspect the wifi device in the bridge is just not very powerful - the mac address maps back to the company Espressif so my guess is it probably just has an ESP8266 chip in it.
I would gladly pay a few bucks for a bridge with more robust wifi support - if I ever get another one of these I’ll either get the built in wifi or Z-wave.

More evidence supporting the flakey chipset in the bridge theory - the wifi mac address on my other lock which is an Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi maps to Texas Instruments. That lock seems to have a much more stable internet connection.

@Nicholas2 Upgraded your Bridge successfully. Any difference now?

I have the exact same issue on two locks. It’s maddening.

@Will As you can see from my previous post in the thread it started working before you made your post - so I can’t definitively say that the bridge upgrade was what fixed it.
It is however working now so you can consider the issue closed.

I have the exact same issue. I’ve been trying on and off for 2 weeks now.

We have released a new version in app store(ios: 2.0.7, android: 2.0.8), could you update the app version and try again?

I updated the app to ios: 2.0.7 and it did not fix the issue.

Same issue here. Won’t let me get past the “next” button.

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Same issue here. Product Team, when will you have a solution. I am beyond frustrated with your product.

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i also can’t get by the next screen on the pair bridge section!

I deleted the app, reinstalled it and it worked

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same! I changed my SSID and then unpaired my bridge to add to the new SSID. After 5-6 failures to reconnect, I re-loaded the app and the bridge paired first time.

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I had the same issue after firmware update. They told me i had to buy a new one. Great company that can remotely screw up your device with their firmware and then tell you you must buy a new one.

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I have the same problem. So frustrating

Not for me. I tried that

I have the same problem. If I uninstall and reinstall the app, I assume that I’m going to lose all of my saved fingerprints and access codes. I haven’t gone there yet.