App V2.0 - WiFi Bridge Status

u_Bolt Pro with WiFi Bridge. Testing the new beta app (V2.0.3).

I’m confused about what’s happening with the bridge and the app connection status. The bridge status show “Connected” and WiFi Signal good. But BLE status is always “Fail”. Pretty sure it wasn’t that way with V1.0.

Also, in the app the little connection icon on the top right of the lock status page sometimes shows the WiFi icon, sometimes the bluetooth icon even though I’m home and within several feet of the lock. Is that working right?

The BLE signal status is an issue, will get that fixed soon. the connection itself should be all right.
The connection change between wifi and bluetooth is working ok.

I’m having what looks to be similar issue. Ubolt pro with bridge. After going beta I noticed I cannot connect to the lock when not home about three times now. Bridge status is up but ble is failed. Unplugging the bridge tends to fix it but not permanently. From what I can tell I can toggle the lock fine via SmartThings (I’m not home so I can’t verify). Also I have a non thumbprint ubolt with bridge. The ble is failed on the bridge too but I can connect with the beta app fine.

Maybe the firmware of your bridge has not been upgraded. Could you please tell me its firmware ao that I can check?

Hey. It’s VO2.50.0503. Thanks

I know this was probably meant for SpaceTimeFlux, but here’s my info anyway:

Lock: 2.26.0020
Bridge V02.50.0503

Oops. Thanks. Yes it’s VO2.50.0503. Thanks

I noticed yesterday that the app is not connecting remotely. It just sits there retrying without connecting. I never had this issue with the V1 app.

Receive! The newest bridge version is V02.52.xxxx, and I have contacted customer service to update it. If not successful, please submit a ticket

Hello, thanks for feedback. Our customer service has upgraded your bridge version to, please check.

I see it’s updated. Ble is still saying fail but so far everything is working. Will see how it goes moving forward. Thanks.

I also now have bridge firmware V02.52.0503. BLE Signal is still “Fail”. I’ll let you know if things seem more stable.