U-rec bolt Pro WiFi does not work on WiFi or remote

Very disappointed that this good looking product with great specifications does not work. Only works on Bluetooth. I spoke to Product support who were very responsive and sent a second unit. That one did not work reliably either! I got it to work one time on Wi-Fi but not from outside my home. It is useless for what I was intending to do, which is to let in contractors into my house when I’m not home. By the time I couldn’t get the replacement unit to work it was too late to get a refund from Amazon where I had purchased it from.

@Andrew16 We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you. Have you already submitted a ticket? If so, please tell us the ticket number, so that we can reply to you in detail.

We now have a beta firmware which shall be helpful to improve the wifi connection stability. Are you willing to try it?

Thank you!

I’m having the same issue. What is the beta version number? I’m at 01.38. In my support ticket 21046 there was mention of a 01.40 version. Asking how to get it solicited no response from support.

I have this same issue.

Has there been a resolution to this?

I am having the same issue. I am able to use my app to program codes when I am next to the lock, but I am not able to access the lock information outside of the house, it won’t connect.

I have the same issue as well. Cannot use app to lock/unlock. “Cloud Event History” is OK for me. I am willing to try the beta software.

The app can display the lock/unlock status for me. but cannot lock/unlocked with app. after display the initial lock status. it shows “Connecting”. Log also not works. I can still see the bridge status. with server status displayed as “connected”. “Server ACK” value is keep changing value between 0.07 to 0.14
I have iPhone U home app version 3.1.6. Lock firmware version 02.26.0020. and Bridge version V01.04.0504.

@John We are so sorry for our late reply. Would you please provide the correct ticket number? It should be 6-digits. So that we can have a check. Thank you!

@Lezly Would you please click here to submit a ticket? So that we can try to help.

@Hao1 Would you please click here to submit a ticket? So that we can try to push a firmware update to your Bridge.

My support ticket is 210436.

I was interested to know how these similar issues were resolved.

@John l have replied you in the ticket 210436 and please check the email later.

Ticket number is 210436.

I just need to know how the other WiFi tickets were resolved.

I did a factory reset. re-setup everything. it seems working for me for now. I will monitor it for now. if have issue again. I will create a ticket. thanks!