U bolt app just spinning

After weeks of smooth operation today i can’t connect to U-bolt WIFI via the App. The home Wifi and internet is working according to residents. I’ve tried 2 phones, many times today. Anyone else having issues today (July 2 5)? Any suggestion to correct it? I am not at the property.

Hi, our agent has replied to you via trouble ticket, please check the email.

I have the same issue. Trouble ticket reply said “reset and repair the bridge.”

I would appreciate some more info on why the bridge would suddenly need to be reset and repaired after a couple of weeks of working perfectly. I am not local to the device so this is quite a chore. I would love some background on how to prevent this from happening, and if there is an easier way to fix.

Update: Was able to get this working by simply logging out and logging back into the app.

@HomeSpace :grinning:Glad to hear that. Please free free to let us know if you need anything else.