App says to update the firmware but when I try, it always fails

I have the U-bolt Pro wifi. My lock got my attention because (again) it is not auto locking. I put in new batteries, which usually solves the problem. I looked in my app and it says to update the firmware to 01.41.0023. I tried. Wifi is good, batteries good, but it keeps failing in the update and says try again.

@Gloria Thanks for your feedback. Please kindly check our reply in ticket#224418. Thanks!

These locks are terrible. Buy a known top brand. If you buy one of these be prepared to have a physical key punch lock within a couple months. Nothing else works.

Utec pushed the update to my lock after my comment so it has updated.

@VanSolkema, I do wish the lock was better since reliability shouldn’t be such a big question mark for a lock. I want to know my lock will auto lock when I walk away (one of the main reasons for getting this lock) but knowing that it doesn’t always work is a little scary and annoying. And the other reason I liked this lock was the geofencing so that it would unlock when I approached so that with an armload of groceries, I could just open the door…that works maybe 25% of the time…

I agree. I bought the lock for the convenience of Auto Unlock upon approach. It’s a great concept if it would only work. Now, my lock has been reduced to a punch key in only lock. No auto, fingerprint only punch in. Terrible

@VanSolkema We sincerely apologize for any troubles caused for you. We have created a ticket #224794 for the issue of your lock. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply. Thank you!