New U-Bolt Pro Wifi keeps "Connecting"


I got a new replacement U-Bolt Pro Wifi to replace my previous U-Bolt Pro Wifi whose Wifi function didn’t work (sometimes it connected to my Wifi, most of the time it didn’t find my Wifi at all). The new U-Bolt Pro Wifi can find my Wifi really well, but it has the following issues:

  1. For some reason, I cannot upgrade the firmware.: it stops right at 10%. I repeated 3 times without any success. Then I removed my lock out of my app on phone & add it again. Although my app can find my lock & connect it to my Wifi really well, but I cannot upgrade the firmware.

  2. When I get back to the app, it shows my lock in “Connected” status. However its status connected, I cannot do Lock or Unlock my lock. The app keeps spinning & shows “Connecting”.

Please let me know what I should do.
Thank you

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Is your new replacement still online. The connected phenomenon states that the wifi connecting quality is not good. Either the home internet delay is huge( not the dB in app settings) for battery powered wifi device, or the lock wifi itself is not working right.

What is the phenomemon for your old lock?

Hi Frank,
Here’s my screenshot of my wifi in the app:

My lock is online now. I can lock or unlock my lock from the app, but I cannot do upgrade firmware. About an hour ago, the firmware upgrade process stuck at 24%. After waiting for about 25 min, I gave up & backed to the previous screen. The app was spinning for about 20 min or so.