U-Bolt Wifi - good signal, disconnected

I’m starting to get disappointed with this company and product. I purchased one u-bolt wifi for the house and it worked perfectly (if not slow to connect over wifi). I purchased a second unit for exterior garage door… it arrived faulty - the battery compartment springs and connectors were misplaced and the unit wouldnt reset. It took me almost a week to get a replacement despite their support team accepting it was DOA. Ive set up the replacement unit and I am having wifi problems. I have a semi-pro system in my house and created a wifi channel just for 2.4… the router shows 95% experience, the u-bolt app shows the signal as strong and the unit KEEPS dropping connection and always shows disconnected with a good signal. The access points are set up to allow for low bandwidth / slow traffic. The only issue I see is it is fitted to a metal door. Its currently “:disconnected” with a “Good (-42db)” signal. All other wifi devices work flawlessly in the same location and my cell phone shows a 100% signal strength. Firmware fully updated… Anyone else having similar problems - are these just crap over wifi ?

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Unfortunately this is a typical issue with the lock.
All of the above you have stated is precisely how the lock behaves.
Don’t get me wrong, when the lock does connect it’s an awesome unit when in comparison and probably has the best feature set on the market.
I’m not about to replace it as the potential is obviously there.
Two words: Batteries…WiFi.
Solve those and the lock’s a world beater.

@Herbert Please check your email. Our team replied to you through the tickets 121019.

@Holland1 We apologize for all the inconvenience caused. It is not the experience we want our customers to have. It would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly.

Same issues as the OP. When will the NEW firmware be released?

@Duane The firmware version of your lock is up to date now: 01.28.0023

Updated. No difference.

This screen won’t change no matter where I stand (close to the router, close to the lock, with the router close to the lock, etc.).

Wifi: enabled
Bluetooth: enabled

@Duane Please try to unpair and pair your lock with the WiFi again. Maybe you will need to reset your lock to figure it out via this article. How to Reset Ultraloq Smart Lock to its Factory Settings?

I have 4 locks.

  • Bought in 2021: the one with wifi bridge, everytime i need to add users, i have to go to my router and force reconnect the bridge. After that, remote access is successful.
  • Bought in April 2022: the one with wifi built-in, works perfectly until now
  • Bought 2 in Dec 2022: both with built in wifi, been with support for the last 2 months with replacement and still facing issues whether remote or local . One lock maintains the wifi connection and one keeps dropping the wifi connection.

Also, wifi system is the same, when connected, locks showing good connection -47dB and -53dB.
I have tons of smart devices (using 2ghz band):throughout the house and none has the wifi issues

Oh, btw, with the old locks, when i am near, it switched from wifi to Bluetooth smoothly. With new locks, it insists on wifi and fails. Unless i turn off wifi on my phone.

The recent batch of locks surely has not been working. Many people are experiencing issues with wifi.

That seemed to work.

Hi, we have replied it in the ticket 113587 and please check it.