WiFi Instability after a few minutes

The lock is unable to keep connected to wifi after a few minutes. It seems like the lock goes into a standby mode and never comes out of it.

Determining if the lock is disconnected from wifi:
The Android app does not handle disconnected locks very well. It displays the status of the door as “locked”, when it does not know if the door is locked or not. I can only determine if lock is in a disconnected state after attempting to unlock the lock via the app. Details below:

App handling of disconnected lock:

  1. Open app and lock appears to be in “locked” state.

  2. Click on the “Locked” button will show that the app is attempting to unlock the lock. However, it will get stuck in this state for about 10 seconds.

  3. Then the app will show that it is “connecting” to the lock.

  4. The unlock will eventually fail about a minute later, but it just goes back to the original “Locked” screen state.

Reconnecting WiFi to the lock
I can get the lock to reconnect to wifi by removing the batteries from the lock and putting them back in.

  1. Remove batteries from lock, then put them back…
  2. Wait for beep sound to indicate the lock is back on.
  3. Log into app. Then I’m able to unlock and lock the lock again.

I also tried disconnecting and reassociating the wifi, but the same timeout/standby issue occurs after a few minutes.
I connected the lock to a 2.4GHz access point.

The WiFi Signal is within the 0 to -70dB range, and the access point is sitting 7 feet away from the lock in the same room.

thanks, the feedback is very detailed and helpful

I am having the exact same problems. It was working fine for a month. Now, it will disconnect from wi-fi a few minutes after first connecting, and I have to reinstall the batteries to get it to connect again.

I am having the same issue. The WiFi instability is very frustrating. At times it is very stable and all works well then for no apparent reason it seems to disconnect from the WiFi even though the setup page says it connected with a signal strength of -45db (Good).
When the lock is connected to WiFi successfully (very intermittent) I can control with google and the the main lock control screen replicates the state of the lock and shows a WiFi connection. I even separated my mesh channel on the router to a dedicated 2.4Ghz band and implemented the port forwarding as per the guide…ports 443 and 8883. None of this makes the lock any more stable. I have other IOT devices lights, switches, cameras, vacuum etc that have all worked perfectly for years on a common mesh router system both internally and externally to the house. The house router is a high end expensive Netgear mesh router system so I’m very sure that’s not the issue. The lock works perfectly otherwise. Installation was great and the fingerprint works very well. Such a shame for such a good lock not to be stable with all functionality. One of the features that swayed me to purchase was the WiFi network functionality so it’s a bit disappointing.

UPDATE: After using the Ultra loq Pro Wifi now for a week I can say that it’s really an excellent product when… it works. Such a shame for a product that has all the features available that it would be let down by a poor WiFi interface.
I have used the lock in all modes and configurations and when it hasn’t dropped out from the WiFi network it’s awesome. I use Auto Lock and Auto unlock and both work exceptionally well. Unfortunately Auto unlock has the issue where it doesn’t work due to the lock dropping off the WiFi network. I have done all I can to set it up to make the as stable as possible but no improvement. Just such a shame as I have $30 lights and switches which are 100% reliable on the network at home and away but…not the Ultraloq :frowning_face:

This is a shame. I just got this lock yesterday and the first thing I had trouble with was the WIFI bridge. Setting it up was a breeze, but when I’m away from home, I can’t connect to the lock from the app at all. All I see is a spinning wheel circle with “connecting” inside of it. Seeing the other post, my guess is that this is a known issue. If support can’t resolve this, my only option is to return it.

With the new drop of firmware 1.28.0023 and the update of the app, 2.0.6 and 2.1 @ test flight, happy to say things have improved greatly.
The lock is performing up to its specs as advertised and even seems to be easier on batteries.
There is still an issue with google home interface and the auto unlock. Both do work there’s no doubt if they could be just made to work more consistently would be great. Both these features are hit and miss however, as I said, do work occasionally.
What’s particularly strange is I get notifications for both even when they don’t work so there is a misconnect somewhere.
Ver happy now with the product I’ve got but…still room for improvement.

Sadly I am having the same issue as reported here. The wifi client experience shows as 100% on ubiquiti network… dedicated 2.4 channel with low bandwidth comms allowed. Even the app says a “good” signal yet the unit keeps dropping and disconnecting. Wifi signal at the door is all bars on multiple ipads and cell phones. How can the app show good signal and disconnected at same time ? (all firmware updates processed)

I am on my second unbolt pro WiFi to try and fix first one received and the WiFi connection is so unstable. Spins on the app and very often does not connect. The WIFI is terrible. Yes I am using 2.4 Ghz so that’s not the issue. I have a mesh network and I even put one of the WiFi routers right next to the lock. ( -22 db so very strong signal) and still the WiFi is unstable

I love the lock and all the features but the WiFi performance sucks so I’ll have to return