WiFi Instability after a few minutes

The lock is unable to keep connected to wifi after a few minutes. It seems like the lock goes into a standby mode and never comes out of it.

Determining if the lock is disconnected from wifi:
The Android app does not handle disconnected locks very well. It displays the status of the door as “locked”, when it does not know if the door is locked or not. I can only determine if lock is in a disconnected state after attempting to unlock the lock via the app. Details below:

App handling of disconnected lock:

  1. Open app and lock appears to be in “locked” state.

  2. Click on the “Locked” button will show that the app is attempting to unlock the lock. However, it will get stuck in this state for about 10 seconds.

  3. Then the app will show that it is “connecting” to the lock.

  4. The unlock will eventually fail about a minute later, but it just goes back to the original “Locked” screen state.

Reconnecting WiFi to the lock
I can get the lock to reconnect to wifi by removing the batteries from the lock and putting them back in.

  1. Remove batteries from lock, then put them back…
  2. Wait for beep sound to indicate the lock is back on.
  3. Log into app. Then I’m able to unlock and lock the lock again.

I also tried disconnecting and reassociating the wifi, but the same timeout/standby issue occurs after a few minutes.
I connected the lock to a 2.4GHz access point.

The WiFi Signal is within the 0 to -70dB range, and the access point is sitting 7 feet away from the lock in the same room.

thanks, the feedback is very detailed and helpful

I am having the exact same problems. It was working fine for a month. Now, it will disconnect from wi-fi a few minutes after first connecting, and I have to reinstall the batteries to get it to connect again.