WIFI Signal Strong - Says Disconnected

I bought Ubolt Pro Wifi and already having issues with Wi-Fi. I have the latest lock firmware 01.35.0023.

Why is my connection strong yet Wi-Fi State always disconnected?

I have had this 1 day and I’m regretting my purchase.

Were you able to successfully connect initially and then it disconnected? Or was it never able to connect in the first place? Please go into the lock setting by touching the gear symbol on the upper right hand corner. Select WiFi. Is the WiFi state disconnected? If it is disconnected, can you try clicking Switch WiFi and select your SSID and enter password? If that still doesn’t work, then are you connecting to a 2.4GHZ WiFi signal? If you are not familiar with 2.4 and 5GHZ WiFi bands, then please click on this link here.https://support.u-tec.com/hc/en-us/articles/360059585052-How-to-find-out-whether-my-WiFi-network-is-2-4GHz-5GHz-or-2-4GHz-5GHz-dual-band- If you are still having issues, I would suggest giving support a call at 1844 HEY UTEC or enter a ticket at support.u-tec.com. Thank you.


I have to remove the batteries ans reinsert in order for the lock work with WiFi briefly. It get disconnected thereafter. Whats wrong?

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My lock is acting the exact same way!

I called UTEC and they’re gonna look in to see if a software firmware issue is happening and if they can push an update or something and supposed to get back to me within 72 hours

Updated to latest fimrware 01.36.0023 and it works now.

Only to find out that the issue returned after some hours. Disappointed again.

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I also got the latest firmware and same issue it works for a while and then stops working.

You should not put Wi-Fi in the name of this product as the Wi-Fi does not work.

I am not sure how you can make a product that is supposed to be able to be accessed remotely but the main component that enables that functionality doesn’t work consistently.

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Same issue with both of my WiFi locks. I can’t keep the WiFi connected and yes, I have the latest firmware. I also need to be able to connect remotely to change codes for renters.

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This lock does not work consistently with WiFi

It should not be advertised as a WiFi lock.

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Same here. The lock refuses to stay connected to WiFi no matter what I do, despite being located only 10 ft. from the router.

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I have gone through two firmware releases, hoping it would fix the issue, and no luck.

I have another 2 weeks before I get stuck with them, chances are high I am going to return the 3 I bought.

I do not know how you can have Wi-Fi in the name of the product, yet it does not work consistently on Wi-Fi.

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Not cool, when I reply with something about that product that isn’t a positive comment, they hide the post.