Latch 5 Disconnects from network and never reconnects without power cycle

Just switched to lithium batteries in my latch and over a cold long weekend, the keypad worked well every time (of course with a multiple finger swipe to turn the screen on). But the Wi-Fi won’t seem to stay connected on it more than about 24 hours at a time. Connection is strong after power cycling the latch, and I’ve forced my router to only use 2.4Ghz, but the app never reconnects after it drops until I power cycle it again by pulling a battery for a few seconds. Is this a known issue? Seems like it could be a firmware issue to me. Is there a new firmware to be pushed any time soon on the Latch 5 that may resolve this?

@admins @Frank @U-tec can we get some commentary from U-Tec on this issue? This appears to be common across other latch 5 beta testers. Has the issue been identified and is there a fix in the works?

@admins @Frank @U-tec Hi just checking in on this for the Latch 5. Any updates? It appears that this is happening for some (but not all) of us using the Latch 5. Any recommendations on improving the reliability of the wifi connection? (Other than the obvious distance between the router and the lock - that is reported to be a strong connection when it is working after a power cycle so it should not be the issue.)