Latch 5 NFC - WiFi connetion

I have now purchase 3 brand new Latch 5 devices and I cannot get any of the to connect to wifi. I’ve tried using 2 separate 2.4Ghz access points with sensibly named SSIDs and tried connecting to Wifi using the app on both android & iPhone devices. It looks like it going well then every time it fails

“Setting up Wifi
Wifi found, configuring…
Setup is almost complete

Failed to connect to wifi”

The APs connect to a Orbi system but i’m 100% sure it is connecting to the APs not the Orbi Satellites. I don’t even know how to debug from here.

So it’s been over a month now and I’ve tried 5 different Wifi APs / routers and non will connect ot my Latch 5 NFC. I’ve written a detailed network architecture diagram and the only help from support was to upgrade to the latest firmware which doesn’t help. There appears to be no way of debugging exactly what the issue is.

Has anyone managed to get Latch 5 NFC + Wifi working.

6 Weeks - no substantial reply from support