Deadbolt is jammed

With the latest update, the lock seems to lose its state. I manually lock the door for the night then in the morning the app tells me it’s unlocked, I go hmmmm, then proceed to lock it from the app and I get “deadbolt is jammed”. After that I can unlock and lock and I wish, but after leaving it unlocked for an unspecified amount of time (currently overnight, have not tested the actual amount of time the app lost the locks current state of locked) this situation happens again.

So I watched the app / lock last night into this morning. Last night it was locked, the app reported it as locked at about 10:30p and promptly went to bed. This morning I checked the app and even though the lock was still physically locked and the log indicated nobody opening the lock the app indicated the lock was unlocked. If I attempted to “re-lock” an already locked device is when the “deadbolt is jammed” message appears. So,the real issue is why is the app reporting an incorrect state of the lock the next morning?

U-Bolt Pro Wifi
Lock firmware: 01.32.0023
Utec Android version:

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Have you gone into settings and direction of lock? Try repeating this process to see if it helps.

I have, was set to the proper direction, it still happens though.

Ok wanted to make sure the direction was recalibrated recently as i have found they can get out of sync over time. Next i would check if pressing the ultraloq button attempts to lock the lock when it is physically locked but the app reports unlocked. If the lock makes any sound and attempts to lock then the issue is mechanical. If nothing happens and app still reports unlocked when physically locked it sounds like software.
Then to rule out glitches I would delete the lock from u-tec app and perform factory reset and start over.