U-bolt Pro Wifi keypad is dead

I have a relatively new (few months old) U-bolt Pro Wifi, but recently the keypad stopped working, the light on the inside stopped working, and the auto-lock no longer works properly with the door sensor. All of this was working fine about a month ago.

I’ve tried reinstalling the lock, changing the batteries, and the “Delete and Reset” button in the app and went through setup again. No change. Manual lock and unlock through the app still works, WiFi still works. Currently I’m just using it as a regular “dumb” lock which is disappointing. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Lock firmware: 02.23.0021

Hey Cam,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for my slow reply! For some reason every time I tried to reply to your email it said it wasn’t delivered:

Per your email, I’ve tried the following with no luck:

  1. Disconnected and reconnected the wiring carefully – I made sure it was properly seated by pushing on the black plastic of the connector and not the wires
  2. Factory Reset
  3. Adding fingerprints – Doesn’t even give this option anymore, I assume because it’s not detecting the exterior assembly?
  4. Checked that there were no visible loose wires on the connector, and no bent pins on the interior assembly where it attaches

It seems like the interior assembly works, as it still connects to the app and I can manually lock/unlock in the app, but without the exterior assembly working it’s just a manual lock at this point.



Was this issue resolved.? I am having the identical issue. I have the same firmware and my lock has only been installed for about 6 months

U-tec had asked me to try a few things with no luck, and haven’t heard back yet regarding my updates. It did start happening recently, around March, and I suspect it might be related to a firmware update.

That’s exactly when my issues started. I believe that you are right about the firmware. I hope that they get back to us on this

I just did another firmware update today to 02.26.0020 and the fingerprint keypad started working right away. Hopefully it’s permanently fixed. I’ll update if it stops working

I think I am having this issue as well I just got the lock in mid February and it worked well for a while and then it hasn’t recently. I’m still trying to figure out all the features of the lock and I assumed since I could unlock thru the phone that they keypad just had to work but of course that makes no sense when I think about it. I have the latest update though so I don’t think that is my issue

@jones1 please submit a ticket if the problem persists.

@Meneely please submit a ticket directly, our support team will follow up with the issue for you.