U-bolt Pro Wifi keypad is dead

I have a relatively new (few months old) U-bolt Pro Wifi, but recently the keypad stopped working, the light on the inside stopped working, and the auto-lock no longer works properly with the door sensor. All of this was working fine about a month ago.

I’ve tried reinstalling the lock, changing the batteries, and the “Delete and Reset” button in the app and went through setup again. No change. Manual lock and unlock through the app still works, WiFi still works. Currently I’m just using it as a regular “dumb” lock which is disappointing. Any help would be great! Thanks!

Lock firmware: 02.23.0021

Hey Cam,

Thanks for reaching out, and sorry for my slow reply! For some reason every time I tried to reply to your email it said it wasn’t delivered:

Per your email, I’ve tried the following with no luck:

  1. Disconnected and reconnected the wiring carefully – I made sure it was properly seated by pushing on the black plastic of the connector and not the wires
  2. Factory Reset
  3. Adding fingerprints – Doesn’t even give this option anymore, I assume because it’s not detecting the exterior assembly?
  4. Checked that there were no visible loose wires on the connector, and no bent pins on the interior assembly where it attaches

It seems like the interior assembly works, as it still connects to the app and I can manually lock/unlock in the app, but without the exterior assembly working it’s just a manual lock at this point.



Was this issue resolved.? I am having the identical issue. I have the same firmware and my lock has only been installed for about 6 months

U-tec had asked me to try a few things with no luck, and haven’t heard back yet regarding my updates. It did start happening recently, around March, and I suspect it might be related to a firmware update.

That’s exactly when my issues started. I believe that you are right about the firmware. I hope that they get back to us on this

I just did another firmware update today to 02.26.0020 and the fingerprint keypad started working right away. Hopefully it’s permanently fixed. I’ll update if it stops working

I think I am having this issue as well I just got the lock in mid February and it worked well for a while and then it hasn’t recently. I’m still trying to figure out all the features of the lock and I assumed since I could unlock thru the phone that they keypad just had to work but of course that makes no sense when I think about it. I have the latest update though so I don’t think that is my issue

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@jones1 please submit a ticket if the problem persists.

@Meneely please submit a ticket directly, our support team will follow up with the issue for you.

Hello! I am having the same exact issue. It was perfectly working fine this morning when I left home, now it is dead. No power, no lights. It is just a fancy deadbolt now. I have 3 of these and the 2 are working fine running the same firmware 01.25.0023.

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Hello! We have replied you in ticket 112746. Pls check it when you are available.

Yes please respond to the question of why the lock all of a sudden stops lighting up and won’t work on the key pad? There has been no answer to this question from the company. I just updated the firmware and still nothing. The auto lock work but the keypad does not.

@Lindquist We highly recommend you visit our support page at support.u-tec.com to find FAQs and helpful documents. It would be more efficient to click https://support.u-tec.com/hc/en-us/requests/new to submit a ticket using the email associated with your Ultraloq Products or Purchase Orders.

I’m having the exact same problem, the keypad stopped working about a week ago. The fingerprint works, but the keypad wont light up. Frustrating. I’ve tried contacting support with no success so far.

Please check your email to find our reply via ticket number 113843.

So, I think i figured out why my keypad and fingerprint sensor are dead. The wire is cut somehow. My guests and tenant use the physical key frequently. So they open and close the lock faceplate door multiple times a day. Somehow a wire got cut, if you zoom in on the photo you can clearly see the white wire is cut. I don’t know how that happened but I’m going to attempt to repair it and see what happens. Hopefully this can help someone else who this may have happened to and U-Tec should make note of this to better improve protection for this wire so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

@JetsetterJason It is good feedback for our product team, and thank you for taking the time to share your idea. We can see how helpful it would be. We constantly add new features to our products and improve our existing features and products.
If you can not fix this issue yourself, we are here to help. It would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly.

Thanks for the reply Will. Upon inspection, the red, orange, white, grey, and black wires were all damaged. They were cut very close to the keypad and are too short to solder the wires back together. I have opened support ticket 116781 to request a replacement fingerprint keypad with cable that connects to the interior assembly.

I think where the cable passes through the hinge of the keypad faceplate may have somehow pinched and cut the wire during opening or closing.

Until I receive a replacement fingerprint keypad, the lock will work with the physical key, or the app to unlock. The buttons and fingerprint reader do not work. Auto lock works, the door sensor works. Logs works.

Hoping to get replacement soon so I can test out the new beta app that I was invited to.

@JetsetterJason We got your ticket, and @Sally will speed up the process for you. I look forward to resolving the issue for you soon. Thank you for choosing U-tec.

This just happened to me too. That particular lock was unable to update it’s firmware for the last few months when I’ve been trying. Then a couple of days ago, it just stopped doing anything on the keypad side. I tried changing batteries and doing a factory reset. Nothing worked. The wires in the connector seem fine.

I have a brand new U-Bolt Pro UB01 in a box so I tried plugging in a new keypad to the old controller side and that did start to make sounds when the batteries were put back in, so the issue seems to be with the keypad itself. This unit is more than 1 year old so I may be out of luck, but I’m pretty disappointed that this is my 3rd failure of an ultraloq unit.

Also, the replacement unit does not work correctly, but I’ll start a new post on that issue.