No power to new U-Bolt Pro

My one-month old lock was totally dead (no low-battery warning) when I got home the other night. I installed brand new batteries to no avail. The lock is completely dead with no lights or electronic function at all. I double checked and the wires are connected firmly. The second lock I bought at the same time is still working fine. Customer Support has not returned any of my calls.

I am having the same exact issue. U-Bolt Pro Wifi, no warning at all about low batteries. I changed out new batteries, and still will not power on. Also will not power on when connecting usb power to the front connector.

Died on Dec. 30; I called Customer Service on 1/5, left a voicemail (never received a callback).

Just called again, left another message/VM.

@Cohen Please check your email to find the solution via the tickets number 124937

Hello there, tried reaching out to you. Unfortunately, I was unable to help you due to no answer. I will call back to check in and see if we can solve the problem for you tomorrow. Sorry for any inconveniences.

@King4 - Keep calling. I left two messages with no call back, but on the third try someone answered. You can also just submit a warranty ticket with your info and serial number and they will start the review process. Ultimately, this seems to be a known issue and they are sending me a new interior assembly. Good luck

Dear Customer Support,

I am experiencing the exact issue.

Frustrating and disappointing.

SN: 8030305722212525

How do I get a replacement?

I am having the same issue. Customer service sent a replacement battery unit. It worked fine for a week. Now the replacement unit is dead. It seems like the lock auto-downloaded a firmware update and it is that firmware that is killing the lock.

@Will please advise how to fix this. Am I really going to have to request a second replacement unit?

@Marquez2 It would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly