Multiple power failures with Ultraloq Smart Lock Pro Wifi - HELP!

I have recently purchased and installed 4 Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wifi. One has continuously drained the batteries every 1 to 2 weeks and I have had to use a usb power source to open it. This lock has also been reset to factory settings and had the wifi and bluetooth disconnected but still the same problem. It also has the latest firmware. Now it wont even accept the usb power. This lock is on a door to our safe room, where the keys are stored! Multiple failures with this lock and now we find ourselves in a very difficult situation. I have tried multiple times to raise a ticket, however the help site appears to either have failed, or no one is reading the submissions. HELP. Our only other option is to get a locksmith in, which will be expensive! Since August, we have already had to replace the batteries twice on two of the other locks and three times on the other, so the problem appears to be endemic to this model.

@Rex2 Please check your updated ticket #178725 when you have a chance.

This happened me today only as a result I was locked out of our house for 6 hours. We only got a low battery notice yesterday and I thought I would have time to get new batteries. Got home from a medical appointment and the keypad/fingerprint wouldn’t work, app wouldn’t connect and the KEYS wouldn’t even turn to unlock it. We had to get a locksmith to drill through our patio door lock to get in, at which point I could see the U-bolt was jammed somehow in a semi-locked position which apparently caused all the backup options to fail. Ridiculous and I will be looking for a Schlage which is what the locksmith recommended.

We did try charging via the USB and it woudn’t take it.

I have also had the same experience as you, Caroline.

It didn’t matter that I was using a 100W power source. The USB wake up function never worked with any of my 4x Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro WiFi models.

Thankfully that one time when I got locked out, I had a spare key at my parent’s place. It was a hassle as I had to drive back and forth.

U-TEC reps (if you are reading this), please fix emergency wake function via USB power.