U-Bolt Pro - Battery Rapidly Drains - DO NOT RECOMMEND

I’m really disappointed with Ultraloq, which based on the forum appears to have a known battery issue with some of their models but isn’t doing anything to fix it.

I have two U-BOLT PRO Z-WAVE locks purchased through Amazon. The first lock, on our front door, gets used 10-12 times a day and easily connects to our Z-WAVE hub for remote monitoring.

The other lock (same model) is on the back door, which gets used perhaps 5-6 times per week. However, for the last several months, it has been draining the batteries after less than a week, sometimes in 1-2 day! I have babied this lock, putting in new batteries, or recently charged batteries and nothing seems to work. I have disabled almost all auto and connectivity features to preserve power, and I have also taken the lock apart and re-installed to ensure that the electrical connectors are secure, but nothing seems to work.

This seems to be a known problem based on the number of posts to this forum, but it appears Ultraloq has no plans to fix any of these problems. It turns out my lock is now out of warranty, so the best Ultraloq can do is offer me 30 percent off. Very disappointed.

I should also add that the logs and diagnostic tools are not very useful. Every time I install a fresh set of batteries, the indicator shows that the Battery level is “High” but the log shows no activity that would have caused the battery to drain. I have literally checked in the morning, seen that it was working and the battery levels were high, and then returned in the evening to a deadlock, even though it was never used.

I know others have had this issue as well. I, however find that batteries last a really long time….i change them at 4-6 months, when I visit the (rental) house, but they are almost always still reading “high” when I do, despite daily lock usage. I can’t imagine why this is. I do use the best batteries I can get (Duracell Optimum which I make sure are marked “Assembled in the USA” having read this makes a difference—I don’t know). I also have the lock really close (6 feet through a wall) to the wifi router. In every other way this is as vanilla an installation as you can imagine. Maybe some of the locks just use more power than others?

No problems here. I use the energizer lithium and try to change them when the power gets to medium.