Battery Drain is Ridiculous. Cannot Recommend Product Anymore

I read about this product on Wirecutter, but feel like I need to email them and ask them to revisit their recommendation. The battery drain on my Ultraloq Pro Wifi is crazy. I know a “fix” was issued a few weeks ago but it has not solved the problem. My lock requires battery changes every week or two. When I first got it in October 2022, I was about to go at least 2-3 months without a change. I’m using recommended batteries, and my settings haven’t changed (no auto-unlock, but I do have auto-lock after 5 minutes on).

This is ridiculous. We rely on the functionality of this lock so that our kids and others can get in without a key.


@Bullock Please check your updated ticket #174567 when you have a chance.

Not sure what the issue is with the battery drain. My batteries last 8 to 12 months, and that’s with all features enabled, including auto-unlock and lock. In and out at least 3 or 4 times a day. However, upon leaving we manually lock and when we return we manually lock as well. I use Duracell, but I don’t think there’s much difference in them and Energizer.

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I don’t know why some people have battery life issues and some don’t. I find my batteries last at least three months and the current set are on their 4th month and still report “high” despite daily use.

I did switch to a long life battery that seems amazing. Try the Duracell Optimum and with these or any battery you use make sure it says “Made in the USA” on the battery itself. I’ve read that some batteries offer both Chinese and USA manufactured batteries and it really (apparently) makes a difference.

Completely agree. They replaced my unit after a year to ‘fix’ the issue. Replacement unit is just as bad. Batteries lasting less than a week. I have the same router and network I’ve had from the beginning. Receiver is about 25 feet from the unit, clear line of sight. My previous lock was a Schlage and it lasted 5+ years, no issues. I supposed I need to go back to that (I only switched b/c it was my only zigbee device and I wanted to clean up my network closet).

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I have more than 22 of these locks, with the majority being UL3 and about 5x Latch 5’s. The battery drain issue is all over the board. Most locks have lasted about 7-8mths, but there are about 4-5x of them that burn through batteries in less than a couple of months. I can’t find any correlation and the support team has sent me multiple replacements. We’ve stopped buying them for now, while we watch their support progress on this issue. It’s been a real black eye for me in relation to my property for recommending this product. I’m thousand$ into this and praying the company will stand behind its product and fix it.

I’m loving where their roadmap and Ultraloq Air service is headed, but the batter problem is a deal breaker. If you can’t have a reliable product, then it’s back to key entry for us. PLEASE, PLEASE, Fix this!!!

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Lutrick - very sad to hear this. I need to fill a building with 16 of these lock. I bought a “test” lock and it drained the batteries in 1 wk. This will be for a building 1 hour away, too far to go and just change the batteries once every month. I emailed support - they asked for pictures of the cable of my 1 week old lock but haven’t gotten back to me. Will probably have to go for another brand, really like the air software concept

I’ve been having battery drain issues since purchasing this product in July and I found them annoying but today was especially wild. I got a low battery notice yesterday afternoon and before I could get to replacing the batteries today, the unit went dark. I ended up locked out of my house for 6+ hours with senior pets inside. Not only did the keypad and fingerprint stop working, the app wouldn’t connect (I assume it won’t if the battery is dead). Neither of our backup keys would open the door as the cylinder was jammed. We even tried plugging in a 5v powerbank via USB mini cable as the instructions say should work in a battery failure incident but the freaking thing wouldn’t charge. I ended up calling a locksmith who confirmed all the issues we noted and ended up drilling through the back patio lock so we could get inside. From inside I was able to see the lock jammed in a semi-lock position before dying, and because of the jam, none of the backup features would work. I definitely think I will be needing to find a new lock because this should NEVER happen.

I have also had terrible issues with battery draining in less than 2 weeks each time I changed the batteries. I also bought this based on Wirecutter and I will have to tell them to adjust their post as this is just ridiculous. I’ve had the lock for almost 6 months and the issue hasn’t been fixed or addressed. I put in new batteries, went on vacation for 2 weeks and the unit was dead before I came back. I had to remotely let in a contractor while I was away but couldn’t do so because of the dead batteries. This is just ridiculous.

I’ve had my lock for several years. I’ve even taken it out and moved it to a different house when I moved and all of a sudden within the last month, it started draining batteries. I don’t understand why it would start draining batteries just all of a sudden. Also my keypad and thumbprint pad stopped working, maybe it’s time to get a different lock

It seems to reason that if some locks drain batteries fast and others don’t, that one of two things is happening: either there is a difference inside some locks OR the way the locks are installed is causing them to struggle to lock and unlock, increasing current draw.

Assuming (and it’s no small assumption) U-tec locks are made with reasonable QC, the installation is the bigger variable. My lock operates effortlessly—I can turn the lock when door is closed with almost no force manually. Is that true for your new installation? How was the original? Just a thought.

Also, I have found that all batteries are not equal (though for my lock this is the difference in maybe 5 vs 7 months life). Duracell Optima with “Made in America” labels are now the only ones I will use.

So I’m of the opinion it is a combination of issues that U-Tec doesn’t seem to want to address with customers.

  1. Battery type is important.
  2. WiFi access is draining batteries. The more the device is pinged or needs to ping for data, the faster the battery drain.
  3. Firmware issues. Having had to throw some locks in the trash, I’ve opened them up and the internal components vary. My guess is there are some variations to the firmware for some hardware vs others. U-Tec will neither confirm/deny anything

I’m coming back to determine if U-Tec has come up with any fix, but so far doesn’t appear so. We are currently evaluating Kaba locks. 3x as expensive, but they work

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Same issue. Batteries drain after 2 - 3 weeks . On 2 locks I have. May be a firmware update as initially it was reasonable… Open ticket? Send replacement? New firmware. What is annoying is that there are MANY threads about this issues since many months and no action from the company. Kindly advise.