U-Bolt Pro suddenly drains batteries in ~1 week

Hi !
I’ve been a very happy user of our Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro (not the WiFi version) since 2019 and since about 3 weeks ago, it has started to drain new batteries empty in about a week. I have replaced with new Duracell batteries (as have been working since since 2019) 3 times with the same result.

What’s going on here, why the sudden change in battery drain ? Before, a new set of batteries lasted for at least 6 months, usually longer ?

Current FW is 01.50.0020 (the latest according to the mobile application).

Cheers & TIA !


We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you.

A ticket has been created for this battery drain issue, please check your e-mail later for detailed troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for your understanding.

I have 2 Ultraloqs with Wi-Fi bridges in an upstate NY location. They work perfectly and the batteries lasts about a year. However I have one Ultrloq with Wi-Fi included in a location in Palm Desert CA. This lock drains its battery in less than 2 months. My question is does this happen because the lock has its Wi-Fi circuitry imbedded and is therefore using the batteries to power it? Should I switch it to a 1st gen Ultraloq that uses a bridge?

I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem. I turned off wifi but it did not help.

I have turned everything off except Bluetooth and it still dies in under 3 weeks. App hardly ever connected anyway. The motor only runs on door open and the door gets used maybe twice a month. It just should last longer. So one guy here gets a ticket. What about the others here? I for the most part have excepted reality that I just can’t use my front door from the outside. I’m this close to throwing this investment in the trash and buying something else.

I have just opened a support ticket for my Ultralog with wifi for the same reason. Even with the lock sounds turned off it drains in a month. Absolutely pathetic!

I refuse to turn wifi off because you buy the lock to allow you to remotely let someone in if need be. Have never seen a lock drain batteries like this before!

I am having the same issue. I just replaced my batteries 2 weeks ago and got a notification this morning. They had been changed 3 weeks before that, and about 4 weeks before that. I’m using energizer max batteries.

I bought this lock in December of 2022 and got about 3-4 months at first, and now this is ridiculous.

Ugh. Mine just started doing this too. About a week ago I got low battery notification. I replaced the batteries with Duracell batteries. 2 days later I’m getting the batteries are drained messages again. So I changed them again, this time with Energizer MAX batteries. One day later I’m getting battery drained messages again. I’m also getting constant connection issues now from my phone to the lock.
I don’t know if the message is real and the batteries really are drained or if the battery level detection isn’t working properly.
What’s even worse is we are going on vacation on Wednesday and our kids will be here but I don’t want to leave them with a faulty lock.
Any advice?


I am having the same problem. Is there a way to start a ticket? I’ve had my lock for about a year and for the past couple of weeks I’ve had to replace the battery every week. It’s been really frustrating.

Hi Jeannie.
Dis you have any luck?
I am having the same problem