U-Bolt Pro suddenly drains batteries in ~1 week

Hi !
I’ve been a very happy user of our Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro (not the WiFi version) since 2019 and since about 3 weeks ago, it has started to drain new batteries empty in about a week. I have replaced with new Duracell batteries (as have been working since since 2019) 3 times with the same result.

What’s going on here, why the sudden change in battery drain ? Before, a new set of batteries lasted for at least 6 months, usually longer ?

Current FW is 01.50.0020 (the latest according to the mobile application).

Cheers & TIA !


We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you.

A ticket has been created for this battery drain issue, please check your e-mail later for detailed troubleshooting steps.

Thanks for your understanding.

I have 2 Ultraloqs with Wi-Fi bridges in an upstate NY location. They work perfectly and the batteries lasts about a year. However I have one Ultrloq with Wi-Fi included in a location in Palm Desert CA. This lock drains its battery in less than 2 months. My question is does this happen because the lock has its Wi-Fi circuitry imbedded and is therefore using the batteries to power it? Should I switch it to a 1st gen Ultraloq that uses a bridge?

I am having the same problem

I am having the same problem. I turned off wifi but it did not help.

I have turned everything off except Bluetooth and it still dies in under 3 weeks. App hardly ever connected anyway. The motor only runs on door open and the door gets used maybe twice a month. It just should last longer. So one guy here gets a ticket. What about the others here? I for the most part have excepted reality that I just can’t use my front door from the outside. I’m this close to throwing this investment in the trash and buying something else.

I have just opened a support ticket for my Ultralog with wifi for the same reason. Even with the lock sounds turned off it drains in a month. Absolutely pathetic!

I refuse to turn wifi off because you buy the lock to allow you to remotely let someone in if need be. Have never seen a lock drain batteries like this before!