Extremely short battery life

My new U-Bolt Pro WIFI lock rips through batteries in less than two weeks! I do not have Auto Unlock enabled which I understand causes fast use of the battery. The lock works very smoothly; it is not binding at all. The lock is being used in a group home of ~ 8 people so a lot of people are coming and going so I’m sure that has some influence but less than 2 weeks? What is pulling down the batteries? I am using EverReady Max alkaline batteries. Help!

Hi, l have replied you in ticket 116432 and please check it.

I have done everything you suggested except reset back to factory settings. I don’t want to lose all the fingerprints and codes already set up.

I also disabled WiFi since the lock is located where reception is very poor. I don’t really need all the smart function provided by a WiFi connection.

One question though…without WiFi, is it possible to update the firmware? Can the app update the lock firmware via Bluetooth?

Hi sally i need a ticket too currently having issue with batteries drain. Please help :pray: :cry:

@pham4 Our team replied your tickets 30379, please check your email again.

Hi Condo_Assoc, I just bought the wifi model and I am concerned about the battery drain. I only installed it today but I’m wondering if you ever got this resolved? I’m still within the 30 days so I might swap for the z-wave version if the battery is an issue.

It was finally resolved but only after they replaced my unit with a new one. They were pretty good about replacing the unit after a little bit of troubleshooting and confirming settings.

Peter Furcht
ABB Inc.

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I am having the same issues. My battery lasts only a few weeks. Can you help me?