Very short battery life

I have a U Bolt Pro WiFi on my front door, and it is burning through batteries very quickly. I replaced the batteries on Sunday afternoon, and this morning they are already dead. Sadly, battery life of about 3 days seems normal on this lock. I am typically using Duracell Alakaline Batteries, although in an attempt to try to see if anything else would work I have also tried Energizer Lithium batteries and Panasonic Eneloops.

I saw the support article here and have loosened the D screws on the lock - that didn’t seem to help - the batteries died once again after only 3 days.

I have another U Bolt Pro Wifi lock on my garage door, and this one hasn’t needed any battery replacement yet - I installed both at around the same time, roughly 6 months ago. The garage door is used much less often than the front door which has this problem however.

Has anyone else run into such short battery life and figured out a way to fix it?

I get around 7 months with daily use; 4-5 unlocks/lock a day. I had an issue with my bridge and U-Tec quickly responded with a replacement. Clearly there is something very wrong.; a flashlight left on could last longer.

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Sounds like a possible short,wiring issue.

i have the same problem

The lock was under warrantee still, and Ultraloq wound up replacing it for me. It’s a week in with the new lock, and so far so good - battery level reads high still. Since it was dying every 2-3 days previously, I suspect it might just have been some bad hardware in the original lock.