U Bolt Wifi goes dead very quickly with regular batteries

Our Ultraloq Smart Lock runs the battery down very quickly. We are using duracell batteries. Any advice would be appreciated.

Same here! Batteries last 2 or 3 days. Tried everything suggested but no improvement. Can’t do anything if batteries die except use key. Had to remove and replace with another brand.

Then it is probably not the batteries but the unit itself. My Duracell batteries last for almost a year, even with a bridge attached. Locks and unlocks automatically and set to unlock automatically upon arrival to the house.

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I agree with Spurs… Same here for two months until support had me trouble shoot and found the base as defective… Now the same batteries last over 2-3 months

@Spurs @Kinh @Trevino Please click here to submit a ticket directly

Hey Stout, our support has followed your case. Please check your email.