Battery drainage issue

I used the batteries that came with the beta lock, and they are already depleted after using this lock for 10 days or so. I came home last night and the lock motor was weak and wasn’t able to unlock the deadbolt. (Surprisingly entering in the password to the lock was able to unlock it for some reason).

My unit has had issues connecting to wifi quite a bit. It’s possible that the unit was using too much battery trying to connect to the wifi causing lots of battery drain? There aren’t any logs for the device, so I can’t tell.

I replaced the batteries and the unit is in bluetooth mode. I’m doing this to test if the unit continues to drain batteries without wifi on.

Could you please tell me the wifi signal strength for the lock, go to 【Settings】 of the App, then [WiFi], there will be something like -50dB.

It varied between -32-dB and -39dB. It was -37dB the last time I checked, screenshot below. My router is also sitting about 5-7 feet away from the lock.

The signal is good. could you please continue check out if the new battery keeps running out for the next 1-2 weeks, thanks

Non related to the Wi-Fi version but I had a similar issue with a U-Bolt Pro (connected to a Wi-Fi bridge). I replaced the bridge, keep changing batteries and they’d die in a matter of days (3 or 4). Support ended up replacing my lock.
I’m mentioning this in case anybody finds it relevant.

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My batteries died after 10 days. I have turned off the Auto Lock, the Auto Unlock and all the smart notifications.

My batteries remain high, but I’m experiencing that lock motor being weak sporadically to the point that I have to physically turn the lock and it’s resistant to me turning it. Not like herculean strength, but feels like I’m fighting the system.

It typically is more on the inside of the home, than from the outside, but I don’t know what’s causing it. I’ve played with the physical installation, updated the firmware and tried different scenarios - but I can’t seem to cause it to happen, it just does.

If it’s not a battery issue, what else could be driving that? My other U-Bolt on the front door never has experienced this.

Hi @Frank ,
The lock was reconfigured with the following settings since the last time I created this post in order to rule out possible reasons for battery drainage.

  • Bluetooth only, (no wifi connectivity).
  • Auto-lock turned off
  • Auto unlock turned off
  • Lock Sounds on

The batteries still depleted within 8-10 days. These were brand new Duracell batteries. Changing the batteries got the lock to work again. The symptoms start out similar to what @Scoop mentioned. the lock motor starts to get weak to the point that the motor resists being turned when manually locking the lock. The lock will start beeping after each time the lock is manually locked, then a red light will flash (which I assume means the battery is low). The lock eventually stops unlocking. Also, the battery level in the app still showed “Medium” even though the batteries were depleted.

We will contact you to get the lock back to us for analysis, hope you can help us, thanks

I’m also experiencing rapid battery depletion. Around a set of new batteries every month. Today I tried fully charged rechargeable batteries. The lock worked for a couple of hours then completely died. My Wifi Signal is Good(-43dB).

Same here! Batteries drain in less than a week without door being used. Very frustrating! We put this on our lake house so we would have the ability to unlock the door via phone or hand out keys. It’s never worked properly since we bought it in January ‘22!

Same here. The batteries seemed to drain faster than my original lock. Not sure if it was the batch we all received, or if the newer version of the app is causing it to drain more, because my original lock seems to be draining faster too.

Hi,could you do an experiment for me. Turn off the wifi and door sensor, then observe for another a couple of weeks to see if the battery still drains fast.

My batteries also drain very fast. I only get a couple weeks on them before the drain. The app says I have good wifi signal, however I have to force quit the app and try reconnecting 5 or 6 times every time before it will actually connect.

It’s quite frustrating.

Just to add to this topic, my batteries finally died on the test lock. For comparison, I have another Ultraloq on a door that gets more traffic on it since February and batteries have only just hit Medium. Something was draining the battery on that test lock, and unsure what it could be. I do seem to get a lot of hits in the iOS app about the lock as notifications, so could that be driving it? It constantly sending updates or notices about its state?

Going to try and remove and replace it this weekend, and use fresh batteries, to see how long it goes this time. Just FYI!

Saw this response the day after mine, which is when I had last changed the batteries, which had been less than 2 weeks and the batteries are already low. Not sure if I had turned off both, as I thought I had but they seem to still be on. I put in new batteries today and will turn them both off now.

To add, my original non-test, U-Bolt Pro WiFi lock’s batteries also just completely died. This is the second time I’ve had to change them and it’s been only 3-4 weeks. Prior to some updates a few months or so ago, it had originally lasted roughly 3 months on the original batteries that came with it. Not sure if it was the update that fixed some door sensor issues or the fact I was able to start using the timer is what’s draining it, because that’s the only difference.

Test Lock:
Firmware is at V01.21.0023
app: u-tec version 1.11.6 (105) in testflight