Battery drainage issue

Similar issue. But the lock for a new house in August. The mic was working fine for 3 months and then the batteries died. Now I have to replace the batteries every week. Any suggestions?

The battery drain on this lock is ridiculous. I’ve had the Ultraloq since Christmas 12/25/2022. I have had to change batteries 3 times already!! Yes, 3 times in less than 6 weeks.

I’ve read SO many reviews complaining about this issue. Is there is a fix? This lock has proven to be trash. So disappointed in this purchase.

I’m also experiencing the U-tec U-bolt lock battery drain problem. After my batteries drained quickly with strong wi-fi, I started tracking to see when I first got a low battery warning. It took 26 days after fresh non-rechargable batteries were installed to see the low battery warning.

This is not a high traffic doorway. It’s protected from direct sun. Outside temperatures have been reasonable lately (Austin, TX). Here are the details:

02/28/2023 replaced batteries, status:High
03/07/2023 status:Medium (10 days from replacement)
03/14/2023 status: Medium (17 days from replacement)
03/25/2023 status: Low Battery (26 days from replacement)

WiFi signal Good (-46dB on 2/28) (-41dB on 3/26)
Remote access to lock: Enabled
Device model: U-bolt-Pro-WiFi
Lock mode: normal
Auto lock, auto unlock: Off
Lock firmware: 01.28.0023
Bluetooth firmware: 00.04.0050
Door sensor: Unpaired
Warranty: (U-Bolt / U-Bolt Pro: 18-month electronic warranty)

I am going through batteries like crazy. I have tried everything mentioned in this thread but my batteries (brand new Duracell) are lasting 3-4 weeks at most without even using any of the functions I bought this lock for. I don’t know what to do but it’s getting really expensive. Anyone figure anything else out?


I have the same issue. I’ve owned this lock for about 6 weeks and I’ve had to change the battery 3 times. This is NOT acceptable. Costing me hundreds in installation fees too if I have to replace it.

I’ve seen multiple posts regarding the battery drain issue. Some people have had their locks replaced and that seems to fix the issue. What I’ve found has been what I can only refer to as the lock having a preference. Cheap alkalines are dead in about 3 weeks. Expensive alkalines make it about 4-5 weeks. Lithium’s don’t work at all - no idea why. The inexpensive rechargeable batteries also last about 4-5 weeks but the higher end rechargeable batteries will go for about 90 days. It’s hot and humid where I live so batteries don’t last long especially in the summer heat but the better rechargeable batteries seem to work the best.

I am trying out Energizer Ultimate Lithium rechargeables. On other smart lock forums they recommend Panasonic Eneloop Pro rechargeables as well which I will also test later on.
Can get them here at reasonable price though not bought from them yet, have good reviews.
If anyone else can test and give us better battery brand and model recommendations.

Can use rechargeables but yes replace them as soon as get any indication of weakness, like code stops working and have a fully recharged replacement set on hand to replace right away. In long run this will save on cost and wastage of batteries, though rechargeables have more cost upfront can recharge better ones 100s of times and reuse.

If anyone has other good brand recommendations have tried with this U-bolt pro specifically, post them here.

I’ve found both of these to be pretty solid and long lasting rechargeable batteries.

EBL Gold Pro Rechargeable AA Batteries 1.2V 2800mAh NIMH

Imren Rechargeable AA Batteries, 2000mAh NiMH

For what should be obvious reasons the EBL’s last longer but they’ve both been reliable and aren’t obscenely expensive. I’ve found the Amazon brand rechargeable batteries to be one of the worst. I use them on remote controls now and that’s about it…otherwise I’m replacing batteries every two weeks.