U-Bolt Pro WiFi - Total Product Failure

I’ve been having battery drain issues since purchasing this product in July and I found them annoying, but today was especially wild. I don’t think I can recommend or use this product anymore after today’s experience and I would urge others to ensure they always carry a key to the backdoor or have another plan to get into their home if they are locked out by this device.

I got a low battery notice yesterday afternoon and before I could get to replacing the batteries today, the unit went dark. I ended up locked out of my house for 6+ hours with senior pets inside. Not only did the keypad and fingerprint stop working, the app wouldn’t connect (I assume it won’t if the battery is dead). Neither of our backup keys would open the door as the cylinder was jammed. We even tried plugging in a 5v powerbank via USB mini cable as the instructions say should work in a battery failure incident but the freaking thing wouldn’t charge.

I ended up calling a locksmith who confirmed all the issues we noted and ended up drilling through the back patio lock so we could get inside. From inside I was able to see the lock jammed in a semi-lock position before dying, and because of the jam, none of the backup features would work. I definitely think I will be needing to find a new lock because this should NEVER happen. The key should always work even if the electronic components fail, this is basic security.


@Caroline1 Please check your updated request #191511 when you have a chance.

I Had My Lock Since 1/19/2023 And This Mysterious battery drain & Lock-out, Happand For The First Time Today 2/3/2024 Basically the same story. Just that I have a Smart Lock on my backdoor, i didnt need a locksmith! My lock is on Version 02.26.0022


Be aware that while customer service appears to respond to people on this forum with an “updated ticket,” the whole outfit appears to be run by AI bots who do not care about the details of your situation. They will send you a new unit (that will likely also fail) but that’s the extent of it.

I filed a complaint with the BBB but I can see that I’m one of several with the same issue and they do not appear to respond there.

I had the first generation and it was amazing. I bought the the second version with wifi and the little sensor that is supposed to detect and automatically lock and unlock the door. I have completely abandoned that and my lock is still not working correctly. The original 2nd generation lock and the replacement they sent intermintaly doesn’t lock the door. I’ve tried everything and support keeps sending my the same nonsense video about seeing the red light. I no longer feel safe in my home and if they don’t correct this issue, since it seems like I am not the only one having it, it may be time to consider a class action. This is utterly ridiculous.