U-Bolt-Pro-Wifi Dead Batteries

Lock died yesterday morning as I was attempting to lock it from the outside. No lights no sound. Replaced the batteries and it came back to life. I checked the voltage and two of the batteries were very low voltage and two were fine. Not sure why two would be dead. There was no previous sign that the batteries were low. Is it possible the lock is only drawing from two of the batteries? Voltage was identical on the two low and also on the two that were fine.

Hi, l have replied to you in ticket 220259, and please check your email box.

These locks are terrible. I’ve had mine maybe 3 years. After 4 months it was reduced to a normal push button lock. No fingerprint no auto no nothing. Any one who waste their money on them-shame on them.

I’ve had mine for a similar length of time and I would agree that the fingerprint function is a disaster. Mine lasted less than 6 months and then I went through 3 replacement fingerprint sensors before giving up and simply accepting that the lock doesn’t have fingerprint function.

Dear customers, we are really sorry about this. If you have a similar issue, please click here to submit a ticket, and our colleague will try to help. Thanks for your understanding.

The whole lock is a disaster. Never will buy another one.

@VanSolkema We sincerely apologize for any troubles caused for you. We have created a ticket #224794 for the issue of your lock. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply. Thank you!

You’ve created multiple tickets and solved nothing. I will continue to tell everyone I know through every social media outlet what a terrible product you provide.

My warranty has expired. My lock was reduced to punch code 3 months after purchase 3 years ago. Terrible locks. Wouldn’t buy another.