Rechargeable Batteries

I’ve had two Ultraloq U-Bolt Pros (with Wifi) for about a year now, and am tired of the terrible battery life (one door lasts about a month, the other less-used door maybe 2-4 months) and having to throw away so many. I’ve seen a lot of threads and reviews mentioning how much this eats batteries and it seems like there’s not much to do about it.

What I haven’t seen is any clear consensus on rechargeable batteries. I know that Ultraloq says not to use rechargeable (NiMH) batteries, but has anyone actually tried them? How well do they work? I understand that these have 1.2v which might be a problem; but I’ve also seen a number of 1.5v lithium ion rechargeable batteries - has anyone tried those? I’d try myself, but I don’t actually have any rechargeable batteries, so I was hoping someone else could tell me if they’d even work before I go out and buy some (especially if rechargeable lithium ion, which are pretty expensive).

I imagine the “low battery” alert won’t work, but if I don’t mind recharging them on a schedule to compensate, even if it’s every month or more.

@Robert26 We are so sorry for all these inconvenience caused.
We actually don’t recommend using the rechargeable batteries for the smart lock. When it begins to fall, it will fall too quickly.
Please click here to submit a ticket so we can guide you with more troubleshooting steps.

I exclusively use rechargeable batteries in both of my Pro’s and have had great luck with them. I have had issues with the Amazon brand batteries in my OTHER locks but these U-Bolt Pro’s have taken everything I’ve used in them like a champ. My personal favorite for these locks are EBL Pro’s 1.2v 2800mAh NiMH batteries. A close second are Deleepow 1.2v 3300MaH NiMH batteries and my third is the Amazon 1.2v. They’re rechargeable and the locks warn me when they’re getting low. They run for months without issue and with the heat where I live, batteries outside die quickly. None of the batteries I use are incredibly expensive btw. I DO have one set of MXBatt 1.5v 3500mWh rechargeable lithiums and those do work but I wouldnt say they are any better than the EBL’s. - which are only about $15-20 for 8 batteries. I have multiple smart locks and have tested at least a dozen brands I no longer use. They all have their tricks with batteries but these seem to work well with the U-Bolt.