Battery low continued alert!

Need help with low battery alert. Batteries are lasting 3-4 weeks at most. How can this be fixed? Lock is less than 6 months old, and batteries need to be changed too frequently. Is this normal? I thought they should last a good while…

@Gutierrez Please check your email, our support team is trying to help you via ticket 90810.

I wish you would post the solution, so we can all see it. I’m having the same problem. I purchased this on kick-starter for a house that we were going to purchase in the future. We finally purchased our new home and installed the UBolt pro, but we can’t get our batteries to last more than a couple of weeks at best. I have turned off the auto lock feature, hoping to conserve batteries, but it hasn’t helped. This is a 2nd home and so we don’t exercise the lock too much, but it is almost always out of juice when we visit the house. I have a Kwik Set lock on my primary home and it is always auto locking, the batteries on it last nearly a year. It doesn’t have all the features of the UBolt, but I don’t have to have the frustration of a dead battery every week or two.

@Fisher2 The Exterior Assembly of Ultraloq Smart Lock is waterproof, but the Interior Assembly is not waterproof at all due to the battery box. Please don’t install it on the gate.
Ultraloq recommends using AA Alkaline Batteries. Please don’t use any Rechargeable Batteries or Lithium batteries. Please see this article to find more information related to batteries.
Please ensure that the U-tec App you are using is under the latest version, and check whether you can see a red dot from the settings page of the U-tec App. Please press the red dot to upgrade the firmware accordingly. You can also click this link to find How to Update the Firmware for Ultraloq Smart Lock.
Here are some steps for your reference:

  1. Please try to reconnect the wire between the Interior Assembly and the Exterior Assembly carefully.
  2. Please take out all of the batteries, keep the lock at no-power status for 5 minutes. After that, please install one set of brand-new batteries and test them again.
  3. Check the screw between the Interior Assembly and Mounting Plate; make sure that it is not too tight.
    After that, please click this link to reset your lock, then set it up again.
    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else!
    If the problem persists, please click here to submit a ticket directly. Our support team will follow up with you closely.
    If we decide your lock to be defective, we’d be happy to offer a free replacement under warranty, we will also provide a return label for you to send the defective components back to us for internal analysis. Thank you.