Rechargable Lithium Battery Discussion

Ultraloq locks are using Alkaline batteries for now. Do you think it would be better if it is replaced with rechargeable batteries, even with a bit higher selling price.


my u-bolt pro will need the battery replacement once in a year also, the alkaline batteries for me are ok

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As long as battery usage proves to be close to a year with Alkaline batters, I agree it’s OK. But anything less then that and I would want support for rechargeable batteries.

On two occasions my batteries dies without any warning. Can we fix that with a battery status alert?

I would pay more to have a long life battery.

I would prefer the lock came w/ a rechargeable battery so that I can plug a USB cable into the lock every once in a while to recharge for a few hours. Hopefully, this would also coincide with better battery stats in the app.