UBolt pro keypad random lit numbers , not responding

I have a UBolt Pro with fingerprint and wifi hub .

It’s been installed a couple days and twice it has stopped letting us in , fingerprint and keypad don’t respond .

The first time the number 3 & 2 were lit up solid and now the 6 & 7 are lit up .

Lock still responds Via app, but keypad amd fingerprint don’t respond at all when the random numbers are lit up.

I am having the same problem (I have the z-wave variant but it happens even before connecting it to the z-wave)…it seems has defective firmware. taking the battery out and putting it back in fixes it but it comes back after opening and closing the lock a few times.

I have the same issue. Numbers 4 and 5 are lit up and the keypad is not working at all. If it is defective firmware, I should be able to get a replacement, right?

Please check the wire and carefully reconnect the connector between the Interior Assembly and the Exterior Assembly. If the electronic component is defective, it would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly.