Ultraloc Pro Not Responding

My smart loc is not responding at all. The key pad lights up but then does nothing.
My app is still connected and shows when it is is manually locked / unlocked but does not respond to the app.
Battery status is high (just installed new batteries). This lock is less than 1 year old.
Anyone else have this same issue??

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@RITA Please check the ticket #164800 with the troubleshooting we provide

I am suddenly having same issue. Brand new batteries…makes beeping noise and lights up like responding but lock doesnt move at all. Also the app will show it incorrectly as locked or unlocked. I also regularly have issues with it saying “jammed” and the fingerprint rarely works or green lights and makes noise but doesnt open. All in all this lock has been horrible and just installed a few months ago.

I am having the same problem. Lucky I have another at the front door. If one fails the other has a chance of working. If they both fail at the same time then i have a problem. Time to put the key on my keyring.

I wonder if this covered by warranty… My only fear is this will be a recurring problem.