Intermittent Operation and Excessive Battery Drain

The lock will randomly be non-responsive, no lights when I push a button, the app can’t connect, and Bluetooth won’t connect. I have to use the hard key to open the lock.
Then, 20 minutes later the lock will just start working as normal.
I have two locks, one on my garage and one on my front door.
The garage lock works perfectly.
I am still using the original batteries that came with it.
The front door lock has used 16 batteries, (4 sets), in six months.
I have walked out to check the mail or take out the trash only to have to use the hard key to get in.
The mechanical operation is perfect on both locks, there are no problems fully seating the deadbolt.
The app has shown low batteries after two weeks on new Duracell’s.
I’ve rearranged the order of the batteries and then the app showed full charge.
I can’t help but think one unit is defective.
I have been locked out of my house when I forgot to bring my house keys before.
Thankfully the dead lock status only lasted about 10 minutes before it just started working again.
Please help me.
It is too late to return to unit to Amazon.
These are supposed to have an 18 month warranty.
I purchased two Pro locks, two bridges, and two handles.
That was over $400 USD for two locks in November.

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever find a solution? Thanks.