Fingerprint scanner not working any more

I’ve been using my lock for a while now and I love it. Recently though the fingerprint reader is not responding at all. I used to work, although finicky about the fingerprints. It may have taken a few attempts before working. Now there is now reaction to the fingerprint. No error, no feedback at all. I have placed new batteries in the device and have tried resetting it. The keypad still works and I can use the app to lock/unlock it just fine.

What can I do to correct this?

@Bunn Please check your email. Our support team will follow up with you via the ticket number 95710.

Im having exactly this same issue, and my lock is practically new!

Hi, I also have this problem. Please let me know how to fix it.


@Saltzman We created a ticket 102512 for you, and please check your email.

I’m having the same issue. This started a day ago. Suggestions on the fix? Same issues as Bunn.

@Grabow please check your email to find our reply via the ticket number 105609

I’ve also have just started seeing the same issue. Auto lock stopped working, fingerprint and key codes don’t work any more. Key pad seems dead.

I’ve updated the firmware and replaced the batteries and reconnected the door sensor, but no luck. Lock is only a couple of months old.

Lock only locks/unlocks via app.

Please help.

I have a U-Bolt Pro purchased in November 2020. Fingerprint sensor stopped working a couple of months ago. Ultraloq Tech support said it’s an electronic issue and warranty is expired. They offered a 30% discount to purchase new lock.

Now, keypad stopped working. Tried replacing batteries. With new batteries, the keypad works but in the app, it says “Depleted.” I removed batteries and tried other new batteries - same messages. Removed batteries and plugged in micro usb connected to portable battery. Lock works but same depletes message.

@Gatoff @Osborne Please use your email address associated with your Ultraloq Products or Purchase Orders, and submit a ticket by clicking this link: