Fingerprint scanner not working any more

I just got the next version of this lock and the finger print and locking code are intermittently working. I love the concept of this lock and configuration, but need it to work more that 50% of the time. Otherwise I will be forced to return it…


If your fingerprint sensor light was on when pressing your finger on it, please click this link Tips for Improving Fingerprint Verification to find out how to improve your fingerprint verification.

If your fingerprint sensor light was off when pressing your finger on it, please check the wire and carefully reconnect the connector between the Interior Assembly and the Exterior Assembly. Guide to Disconnect/Reconnect the Keypad Wire

Note: Make a slow expiration (breath) from your mouth to the finger, which will help to moisten your fingertip. Is there any difference?

It would be more efficient to support you to submit a ticket directly.

Hi Will, I e had mine installed for probably a year now and only in the last month or two has it started acting intermittent and now the fingerprint pad simply stopped responding to unlock attempts. However, I’m able to register a fingerprint just fine so it’s only when attempting to unlock it. I’ve replaced batteries, I’ve confirmed I can connect to it just fine wirelessly, I’ve done the single battery remove/replace and nothing works. It’s clearly not a wiring issue as it still recognizes new fingerprint registrations and is only not recognizing unlocks. I think it’d be ideal if a resolution was provided here in the thread to help other users experiencing the same or similar issues to proactively resolve their concerns.

Edit: I just realized this is the second time this has happened to me. Purchased Nov 2020, ticketed and replace Aug 2021, it’s now Mar 2023.

Just like everyone else seems to have experienced, at the behest of the moderator here I replied to an old ticket of mine that reported this same concern and their response was a cop-out about warranty and an offer of a 30% discount. Clearly this is a systemic concern and they have no concern for supporting their customer base. Please avoid this product wherever possible.

I am also having this problem. After a few months of using it it doesn’t work anymore. I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting, didn’t work. It won’t read any fingertip (no light at all). Only keypad.

It seems there is more than enough evidence and testimonials of people having the same problem just after the warranty expires. If this doesn’t get fixed, we might have to involve lawyers and avoid others from getting scammed.

Update: I just reset my ubolt to factory settings. To my surprise, I was able to add a fingerprint, therefore the fingerprint scanner works. However, when I try to open the door with my fingerprint, the light won’t turn on. This seems to be an issue with the firmware or (heads up conspiracy theory coming up) it was deactivated on purpose to convince us on purchasing new devices!!

I had to re-do my fingerprints recently when absolutely nothing happened (aside from error) when attempting to open door. I’m pretty sure my fingerprints haven’t changed since originally setting them up…

@Casco We are so sorry for the inconvenience caused for you.

A ticket has been created for this issue. Please check your e-mail for our detailed reply.

Thank you!

Hi, I ran into the same problem with my fingerprint sensors. At first, my front door fingerprint censor stopped working and I thought… maybe that one is old. My backdoor fingerprint sensor also stopped working! My apps and code all worked fine and I was able to create new fingerprint too. When I use my finger print to open the door, the fingerprint light just not light up and with new batteries replaced too. I was about to buy a new front door lock but this finger print issue is letting me to reconsider, as that is the whole selling point.

My lock is going in the trash. I’m sick of the fingerprint, keypad and Auto Unlock randomly working. What a lousy product