Fingerprint scanner not working any more

Hi All,
It seems like U-tec disabled access for this topic. So now users can’t manually update or roll back Firmware at all. Also no repository of old Firmware versions are available for the owners of the lock anymore.
Does anybody have a FirmwareTools apk and any old revisions of firmware for the U-bolt Pro ? Can you please share them with me?

After last update my lock will not respond to the fingerprint scanner upon unlock, but scanner works for adding new users. I wanted to roll back Firmware to see if anything got broken by last update. Got response from support that manual updates not provided anymore - this is outrageous. Was offered a new lock at 30% discount instead as I am out of warranty. I am not going to be doing that if that is a way company handles old clients.

My fingerprint reader has stopped working on one of the 3 devices I purchased? Any resolution on this?

Same here. Fingerprint not working for me and my wife. What’s the secret handshake?

No secret, try if your lock can scan a new fingerprint, if yes than I believe the sensor is working no problem and something was done during firmware update to disable it or break it. I’ve asked for a way to roll back firmware but to no avail. Seems to be a pattern. Many post of users past warranty have such a lock behavior. If a new fingerprint scann works than hardware is working fine, and something is fishy with firmware. Just search forum for key word “fingerprint”