Fingerprint scanner not working any more

Same here. Fingerprint not working for me and my wife. What’s the secret handshake?

No secret, try if your lock can scan a new fingerprint, if yes than I believe the sensor is working no problem and something was done during firmware update to disable it or break it. I’ve asked for a way to roll back firmware but to no avail. Seems to be a pattern. Many post of users past warranty have such a lock behavior. If a new fingerprint scann works than hardware is working fine, and something is fishy with firmware. Just search forum for key word “fingerprint”

Im having the same issue. Ive tried everything but it still doesnt work. Whats weird is the fingerprint scanner works when registering a finger. After that it wont respond to any touch. Can I downgrade the firmware for this? I was given an android app and firmware to resolve my earlier issues with the bridge. FW 02.07.0020. I wanted to try and downgrade the firmware but the link that was given is no longer valid. Plus the app no longer detects my ubolt pro via bluetooth. Can anyone from utec help!?!?

We bought our Lock in May 2021, The fingerprint sensor stopped working June 2022 - exactly when the warranty expired.

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I have the same problem. Started couple of months ago. How can I fix it?

I was under impression to try a Firmware downgrade but the company removed any trace of the tool and old versions from website, support say they will not provide it. I am not happy

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I have two Ultraloqs. The 1st one stopped working within the warranty period, so it was replaced. Now, two years later, they both stopped accepting fingerprints almost around the same time. How can we get these fixed?

Try to see if your sensor works for scanning the new fingerprint. I believe it is something in firmware, but Ultraloq doesn’t provide anymore the ability for customers to roll back the firmware nor the way to test that theory.

Yes, I can register new fingerprints, so that isn’t the issue. I’m thinking about switching brands and getting a new lock.

Get the Eufy S330 camera doorbell and smart fingerprint lock. I love it . So far so good. The brand seems to be a bit more reliable

That’s exactly what I was looking at. How long have you had it? Is it faster than the Ultraloq?

Not long, it’s not faster, has its own pluses and minuses. It’s auto lock function is limited to max 3 min only that is a bit annoying. It has a rechargeable battery that should be good for 3 or 4 month per charge, that at some point will need to be replaced I guess. But each user can have unlimited number of fingers scan. The finger scanner is same works principal works good. I have a good notifications with have a loitering detector feature if somebody hangs near it will notify the person and also user with audio. Also works as a doorbell that I can see from anywhere who is at the door, talk to the person and etc. Has a local SD card storage but if you purchase the extension of their bionic mind and storage it can recognize the registered users visually, so it say - so far I have just the lock so haven’t tried it yet. I got it in Canada on discount 440 I cluded tax. So it comes with the WiFi bridge that serves as doorbell extension. So far I am pleased with it, it’s has a bit different interface that I am getting used to, but after Utek cluttered it’s interface it’s on par.
So far I am thinking of getting one of their cameras and bionic brain deal. So I have overall solution.

Aaa forgot, for locking the lock it is a bit slower as you have to press and hold the lock button for 2 or 3 seconds so I kinda hate this part, but I hope I get used to it. Also I like that if somebody approaches is the doorbell button gets lit so person knows he can press it. And Alo a good feature is that if somebody try to guess the code you can define after x tries failed to disable a lock for y minutes. Handy security feature. I just pulled a trigger probably 3 weeks ago so still in learning curve. Also what I am missing for the app access it can create only admin user or guest. No regular users not really sure what are the limitations. Anyway I was looking into rolling back my Ultraloq Firmware and support say it’s not possible anymore - guess that kinda pushed me to roll back hardware and FW for Ultraloq altogether haaaaaA
. I got a new Ultraloq replacement lock from support but I guess that offer was too late as I’ve already got hooked on Eufy features compared to Ultraloq

For rechargable battery I mean as with all rechargeables it might last long time for a 3 or 4 years or maybe more but eventually as all cellphones batteries it will have to be replaced, I kinda miss the 2A option of Unlok but…
Any ase as per the charge usage it says that per single charge should be 3 or t month depends on the amount of usage and camera recordings. You can lock it, remove the battery and charge it overnight than you expect no visits - that’s what I figured is the best way to get it charged.

Yep, same issue as my lock. I even added other fingerprints but they won’t work. At least I can enter with my code.

I ant to try something - maybe over a weekend. Will see if that will work. I am not holding my breath, but just as I hate to be scammed I want to make completely sure. Will try to update on outcome.
Anyway I’ve already switched to Eufy so this is just to prove my point as I hate to be taken advantage of.

Seems like a nice pattern of failure for the customers that past the warranty period and no real solution from U-tec.
Too convenient for the sales of new device - just disable a really convenient function of the lock that customer is addicted to already, but make sure that lock is still functional so it will not backfire. Add no support and no public resolution plus some offer on discount on new product, add past warranty period and you got a nice sales boost.
Ops forgot to mention take away ability of customer to roll back or forth firmware that is controlled by company and you can make or break product perfectly on the spot.

Hi All,
So its official - as promised I’ve wanted to tinker around with the failed (as indicated by support - failed hardware of the lock, despite that I insisted that it is all based on facts it is firmware ) lock i have on my hands - found a local copy for Firmwaretools1.5 (good old habit from my SW QA times), tried to use a copy to see if I can pull current firmware from the lock …o miracle everything works - fingerprint sensor is not broken :slight_smile: ))))), as I’ve been told by support !!! I have all of my communication with support well documented and there was absolute “no” firm reply given to me for my request for company to give me a firmwaretools apk and provide a way (that was available earlier on U-tec support website) to update my lock firmware. and help me to troubleshoot my lock.
All of the signs were and now are that lock sensor was working but got disabled intentionally (as it seems from company actions) by FW or some sort of command that was sent in during lock interaction with U-tec app was offered a 30% discount … but denied the way to try to reset the firmware to the one that worked before Haaaa
Seems like a good case for the Class action.

Hi Igor,
Looks like they’ve managed to scam quite a lot of people. I have the same problem as numerous others on here, fingerprint sensor just stopped detecting - looks to me that the Firmware ‘upgrade’ they have pushed has put the sensor to ‘sleep’ mode as opposed to ‘always_on’ - now just SOMETIMES it will work if i wake the lock up first, but that’s 1 in every 50 attempts. Have you got a link to the Firmware + tool + instructions you can share as I’m still using this lock and definitely NOT gona buy into their 30% discount crap offer!!

  • The model I have is the U Bolt Pro, it was one of the earlier models I ordered from Indiegogo when they were still starting up, i shelved it for a couple years until my house was ready and have only gotten barely a year out of it!

Actually, I managed to find a copy of the .apk - will try it soon. Do you know what version of Firmware you used.?