Fingerprint not working anymore

Although Ive had this lock in a box since I bought it from the kickstarter campaign, I installed it a few months ago and it worked flawlessly until about a week ago. The scanner no longer detects my fingerprint about 90% of the time. I’ve followed all the usual troubleshooting recommendations to no avail. I have two prints stored and neither works. I would like to be contacted by tech support or customer service please. Thanks

I will take a guess here - you had installed the lock, it worked perfectly, then the firmware had updated and it no longer worked perfectly (e.g. fingerprint will not unlock/respond, yet fingerprint registration works fine)?

There is a long/growing post about this, with many of us in the same boat - lock out of warranty, magically stops working, all troubleshooting/logic points to software issue vs. hardware, but Uloq does not address (or just offers 20-30% off a new lock):

I would love to see an real response from Uloq, not just scripted responses, and an action (firmware update?) to resolve for all.

This feels like programmed obsolescence. I feel embarrassed after having several friends purchase these locks per my recommendation from when it was working great early on.

I blame mechanical/electrical malfunction rather than programmed obsolescence. Many of us have had the fingerprint function just die, without updating firmware. It seems updating the firmware is the first thing done in troubleshooting, but obviously that won’t fix an electrical issue.

These locks have gone through several iterations in design, and maybe one day they’ll get it right. I had a v1 that broke fingerprint functionality after I uninstalled it from one door and moved it to another, despite being very careful not to tweak any of the wiring. I still use it, just with the combination.

I have had multiple good experiences with replacements while in warranty. Unfortunately once you’re outside that period, there are no helpful offerings from the company aside from “just buy another.” It’s wishful thinking that they’d endlessly replace a lock, even if it’s from a design that is prone to failure.

I know that as the weather turns cold , along with my hands, and my hands get more dry , my fingertips just will not register on any biometric device. I have gotten used to it -happens on the computer, screens, anything.
This is just a thought , hope you figure it out!

I agree, I would not expect them to “endlessly replace” locks either. Though I also have not received a single replacement either.

Though I am not convinced it is a mechanical failure - my lock has not been moved, and it is installed on an interior door (condo hallway) - so not exposed to any harsh temps, UV, weather, etc… Also, the fingerprint scanner STILL functions perfectly when registering fingerprints. That along with the very large number of users with the exact same issue and timing of their lock failing to unlock with fingerprint - seems unlikely that all locks failed mechanically in the exact same way, at the same time.