Fingerprint scanner stopped working after update

New update allows me to add fingerprints, but as soon as I try and use one to unlock it it doesn’t even flash/blink lights acknowledging I’ve tried. New version feels like it was barely tested and just pushed through. Reading the reviews on Google Play store are also filled with errors.


Hi, it seems like the lock’s issue but not the App’s. You could ask our customer service for help.

I have had the same issue, which started over 6 months ago and no solution from customer service. They have not replied to the last email I sent where I confirmed that the ‘fix’ had not resolved the issue. Seems like this is a known problem as many users have raised this issue.

Could you tell me your ticket number? I would tell them to deal with it.

I have the exact same issue. Please fix this

Same issue here, can i have help on this ?

Same long topic here - seems like systemic problem

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Well here is a summary of my saga with support: If you are out of warranty - you are on your own. I’ve asked support 3 times for access to the firmware tool that WAS available on their own website just recently. I’ve asked for having users access to older versions of firmware and software - a mast in the mess that they have with the product updates and people having problems after having updates applied and want to return to previous stable versions. They gave me a BS that the firmware can’t be rolled back as per their R&D department - complete BS!!! I am Electronics and Software Eng, so i know for sure that is a BS. I am under impression that users of out of warranty locks been pushed updated without user consent that is kind of aligned with company hiding from customers old firmware versions and tool to roll back the version if user wish to do so.They just use customers, who paid for the product, as their free software testers, … but if you are out of warranty - your only recomended solution is to buy another Ultraloq product with some discount.
Good way to go U-loc - just rename the company from U-loc to I-loc, same shady sales tactics. This is a documented tactics .
I think its gonna get worse. I guess than you pay for U-loc it has an expiry date of a 18 month. so technically its a temporary solution unless at expiry you buy a new one :slight_smile: Just keep upgrading at discount to boost company sales revenues :rage:…Personally I will not be caving to this BS.
I am switching to other brand - **eufy Security Video Wi-Fi Smart Lock
Will see if that brand will sell me a product that will not have a life expectancy of the year and a bit.
Update just pulled a trigger on 399CAD in the Canadian best buy. [
eufy Security S330 Video Smart Lock
3-In-1 Triple Security: Combines the fast Smart Lock fingerprint recognition, a 2K HD camera with 2 way comm, and advanced video doorbell notifications, into 1 device.
Thank you U-loc for pushing me to upgrade!