U-Bolt WiFi Series Auto Lock Can Not Disable Issue Have Been Fixed Already!

For some of U-Bolt WiFi locks., especially for those purchased after september this year,
there has been an firmware issue of auto lock feature. Even after this auto lock is disabled in the App, the lock still lock automatically.

We have located the issue and there will be an update of the firmware to fix this issue recently.

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What the hell does this mean? “There will be a fix recently?”

This is two straight weeks you’ve told us by phone and email that a fix is coming. When specifically are you sending the fix, and why won’t you just send us units that actually work?

We have already released new firmware 01.26 .0023, which will fix the Auto Lock issue for your lock.

Please ensure that your U-tec App is 1.12.4 iOS or 1.8.2 Android, and try to check whether you can see a red dot from your U-tec App settings page. You can click this link to find How to Update the Firmware for Ultraloq Smart Lock.

You will need to connect to your WiFi during firmware updating.

Thank you! I can confirm that the lock appears to behave as expected now. Hopefully there is no regression of this in future releases as it made the door almost unusable, at best unreliable.

I am having this same problem. My (android) app is v1.8.2 and the firmware for my lock (U-Bolt Pro WiFi) is version 1.22.0023. But- it says that I have the latest firmware and I cannot find a way to update to version 1.25.0023 as suggested by Will.

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IOS App Store version at this moment is 1.12.4 I installed my lock and downloaded the firmware yesterday.

With auto-lock disabled, I can open my door slowly, and hold it open forever. But as soon as I let it go and the door starts to close, the lock engages while the door is still moving. Also, with the door closed, I unlock it, and it stays unlocked. But then if I just shake the door (there’s a small amount of play), the lock engages.

How is this possible? Is there a motion sensor?

I do believe there’s an accelerometer in the device, hard to believe this software got by QA, why tie the locking of the door to its movement is hard to fathom. BTW, I’m a firmware engineer.

I installed mine yesterday and see the same issue, door locks after opening / movement. I have f/w 01.22.0023, no update seems to be available through the app at this time. I was told by support it could be pushed tonight and entered a ticket to do just that, I’m dubious.

Will, I installed my lock yesterday (built-in Wifi version) and reside on 01.22.0023, the app shows no firmware update is available (Android).

@Hofmann the firmware of your lock shows 01.24.0023, please check it again.

I just installed my lock and am having the same problem. No firmware update available in the app. The current version is 1.22.0023

@Bassein fixed now, please try it again.

This fixed the problem for me, thank you.

I continue to have this issue despite having iOS version 2.0.6 and firmware version 1.26.0023. As others have stated, this makes the lock very challenging as it locks so quickly, the door is usually still ajar. It should be noted that I’m unable to use the sensor because my door/jamb is metal. Please let me know what I can do. This is already the second unit because the fingerprint functionality didn’t work in the first .

I’m also getting suggestions from customer service that suggest that they have not read my ticket (asking me to do things that I’ve already done) with a day lag between each. @Will are you able to offer some assistance? Thanks.