Cannot Disable Auto Lock on U-Bolt-Pro-Wifi

I’ve submitted a ticket for this issue, but am posting here for the community.

I have multiple U-Bolt-Pro-Wifi locks installed with door sensors.
All on the latest firmware (01.38.0023), using the latest version of the app (v3.1.5).

Auto Lock is set to “off” on all three locks.

Only one lock has Auto Unlock set “on”.

Things were working fine for until about a week ago when the Auto Unlock lock started re-locking.

I go look at the Auto Lock setting and it’s set to off, BUT the status says “Your ULTRALOQ will lock immediately after the door is closed.”

I turn Auto Lock on to get into the settings and change from “Immediate” to “Timer”, but still set to off. The Warning pops up that “Auto lock is turned off, your ULTRALOQ will not lock automatically when the door is closed.”

But on the next screen the status message changes: “Your ULTRALOQ will lock automatically when the time is up after the door is”.

I look at a second lock that had been behaving correctly (Auto Lock “off” and not auto locking)… when I initially open that page in the app the status message is correct “Your ULTRALOQ will not lock automatically.”

However, once the loading is finished and the app has communicated with the lock the status message is not matching the on/off state.

Hi, i have the same problem since the las 2 week.

it auto unlock and the 30 seconds after it auto lock.

in the log it show my name for the auto unlock but the auto lock it show only -

@Eric18 We are so sorry for this inconvenience caused for you. May I know your ticket number? So that we can reply you in detail.
It seems that the lock might have a jamming issue.
By the way, have you paired and set up the Door Sensor? Please provide a screenshot the show the setting details for the Door Sensor.
Thank you!

@Stephane1 For Auto Lock, it runs automatically by the device itself, so it is shown as -. Would you please click here to submit a ticket: So that we can help to troubleshoot.

Thank you!

My ticket was submitted on Apr 26. Below is a screenshot of my browser history showing that. However, no e-mail has been received acknowledging the ticket (I checked SPAM folder). And nothing is showing up in the ticket dashboard other than my previous ticket from 2 months ago.


Yes, the Door Sensor is paired. Here is the requested screenshot of that:


Note that it says Auto lock is turned off. And if you go to the Auto Lock settings, before the App polls the lock it also says Auto lock is off.


But once the app has finished loading data from the lock, the status message is again wrong:


For completeness: I have a second user with their own phone and App (also Android v3.1.5, like mine). But it is showing the same behavior as my App.

I have the U-Bolt-Pro (the non-WiFi version) and use the bridge and if I change the auto-lock to “on” or “off” the spinner appears and often hangs. You can eventually get it to work by repeating it several times, but it’s a pain if you have someone working at home and you need to disable auto-lock temporarily.

I bought 3 of these locks and wanted to love the product but there are a lot of connectivity and reliability issues and just dumb app bugs. You can jump to screens and start doing things before the screen has the data and is fully rendered - just stuff that makes the app look unprofessional.

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@Eric18 Would you please check your e-mail inbox? There should be a notice e-mail about the ticket number. Thank you!