Auto Lock - Not so Auto

Looking for help from anyone in the community who has experienced issues with auto lock. At first, it worked fine. After 20-30 days, it now works maybe once before I have to reset. The app doesn’t auto recognize the status change most of the time or until I back out to the main screen and then select the lock again. And when it does recognize the current status with or without refresh, it still doesn’t auto lock. The sensor and lock position are in the right status (closed and unlock) but it still will not auto lock 90%+ of the time. I’ve tried everything that I could think of including the use of my internet providers app to ensure connectivity. Sensor is good, connection is good, and I can here the chimes the second I make a change to the setting in the app, meaning the lock received the signal. I’m stumped. The company has sent me out a new device to try (will receive in a few days) but based on reviews online, I’m worried that there is a fundamental issue and this is not a one off failure. Support was very quick to respond to my emails, however; they would not not talk or answer any questions about auto lock issues and just kept offering an exchange. I really hope this new lock works otherwise, there is no real purpose for me to keep this.
Again, looking for anyone who has had the same experience, especially if you were able to find a solution. Thank you!

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You are not the only one with pesky auto lock issues.

These are the issues that I have run into with two of my Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi units:

• Auto lock will incorrectly engage after 10 - 15 sec if I open the door slowly after unlocking using fingerprint or code. It should know not to engage since the lock is far away from the door sensor. The workaround is to open the door with a bit more force until you hear a beep.

• Same issue when closing the door. If you close the door gently, auto-lock will most often than not will not engage immediately. Sometimes, it will engage after (say) 1 - 2 minutes later by itself.
Once again, the workaround is to close the door a bit more forcefully (and I don’t mean slamming it).

• If you battery level is close to being depleted, I have found that auto-lock just doesn’t seem to trigger at all.

Thank you for the reply and for the suggestions. After performing multiple tests, from what I can tell the issue appears to be with the app and/or the lock maintaining a constant connection. I would think that the firmware for the lock and all of the settings would be stored within the lock itself and not rely on a connection to the app, accept to retrieve and update setting or to provide remote control. With that said, what i see occurring is that the app does not refresh or change the status of the lock in a consistent manner. It takes 30s - infinity to refresh and to even obtain the status of the door and sensor. When it does connect, half the time the status of the lock is wrong or it’s unlocked and for some reason the auto lock was never applied (door sensor status is correct and shows door open and closed when refreshing). I have confirmed this in both Bluetooth and WiFi connection modes. I have confirmed that my lock is on a dedicated 2.4 WiFI channel/frequency and performed speed and latency test to rule out any upstream internet issues. I have also set the timer on the auto lock to 5 min to rule out delays. I have even created a mesh network in my house with a separate router/AP just for this lock. Reset app, settings, etc…It’s just not working.
Again, this is beyond confusing for me because I don’t understand the dependency of the app once the settings are programmed (beyond notifications and remote control). And even with the notifications, I receive ~1 out of 10 which also tells me that their is some type of issue with the app or maybe with the WiFi radio within the lock. I did receive a new lock from u-Tec today and will post results. Could be wrong but based on what I’m seeing, my confidence level with this working is low.

Hello, we have pushed the new firmware to fix the problem for you, please reconfigure the door sensor and check if the auto lock function is fixed, thank you so much!

Hi. I was sent a new lock to try and so far, it works as expected. So please don’t push any firmware unless it’s necessary or part of a standard upgrade. It’s working right now and I hope to keep it that way! Thank you!