Auto lock not working when manually unlocked

I have a ubolt pro wifi with auto lock issues.
It worked fine for some time but not only works sporadically. If opened manually from the inside it will not auto lock when door is closed (the sensor does pick up that the door is closed and not open). It will close it opened using code or fingerprint from the outside.
It works once immediately after resetting the auto lock in the app or reinstalling the sensor, but stops working immediately after the first attempt.

Any ideas on a fix?


Hi Brenda,

Thanks for the update. We are working on it right now. Please keep your lock firmware up to date. We will fix this issue ASAP.

Sorry about the inconvenience it has caused.


I am experiencing the same problem. Please fix it asap.

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I’m experiencing the same problem. Was there a fix to this?

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same issue. Auto lock not working when manual unlock.

Same issue here. Worked fine for months and once after the sensor was re-paired to the lock but then stops again. Very inconvenient and a huge security flaw

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Same problem here. When I first got the lock 2 months ago, it worked. Now when I manually unlock it, it doesn’t ever lock back—which is the PRIMARY reason I purchased this lock.


I had to conact customer service and answered a few technical questions which they walked me through.

Seem it had some technical issue, normally if you open manually the red indicator light would go on. Mines didn’t, so the lock was not getting the signal that the lock was unlocked.

They ended up replacing it after verifying purchase an warranty.

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Weird. My app does show that the lock is unlocked when I manually unlock it. I’m communicating via email so far with them. I may have to call.

Hi, yes same problem. After about a month of working fine, the device does not register if I manually lock
If I UNLOCK manually, it will not auto-lock.
It will however auto-lock AFTER opening with code or fingerprint.
It is as though the device does not register the position of the lock when unlocking manually.
I might get a replacement, but I’ve got a bad feeling this issue will continue even on a new unit.
This is a fundamental flaw and needs to go to #1 priority for resolution!

Same problem. Started a week or so ago.

I am having the same issue. I thought this was an issue with the lock not detecting that the door was closed, but it seems to work when the door is unlocked via the app… The main issue is the door does not autolock any more most of the time, it used to work perfectly so its not the sensor placement.

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I’m having a similar issue. About 15-20% of the time the auto-lock doesn’t work on my U-Bolt Pro wifi. I haven’t noticed a trend of when it occurs, but it’s failed to auto-lock both after entering and after leaving the house. I have it set on a 30 sec. delay. When it happens, the app shows the door as closed but unlocked. I’ve reset the door sensor several times, and setup always goes fine. The door is not metal, so no interference from that.

I’ve come home a few times to find the door unlocked, which is NOT good! Auto-lock is one of the key features of buying the product. It’s not acceptable for that to be unreliable. There is also no way to configure an alarm for a closed door that is not locked. There is one for if the door is left open, but seems obvious users will want to know if the door is unlocked for several minutes even if closed. That alarm option should be added to the app.

This lock that’s failing in a replacement. The first one was jamming and U-Tec sent me a new one after being unable to resolve the issue. I purchased this product based on strong reviews. I’m not at all happy about the actual quality and reliability I’m experiencing with U-Tec products.

U-Tec CSR acknowledged an issue in this thread back on April 21 - more than 2 months ago! My firmware has been up to date all along, and the problem persists. This is a critical bug that should be patched in well under 8 weeks.


Same lock behavior as Mike9. Auto lock worked great for several months. A few weeks ago started noticing the following behavior would sometimes occur, but not always. Manually unlocked door from inside, went outside, returned from walk 30 minutes later, door was still unlocked. Firmware is current.

Utec Support - can you provide status update on this 2 month old issue affecting many users?


I too am having this problem After manually unlocking, auto lock fails to lock the door. When I unlock it using the app, auto lock works correctly. It worked fine for weeks.

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Also, the log no longer records manual lock and unlock events. Last time these manual events were recorded was 6/22.

I’m having the same exact issue. It was working fine for weeks and now it seems it’s not detecting manual unlocks (the light doesn’t turn on nor does it beep anymore). Has anyone gotten a resolution to this?

So I removed the batteries (medium level) for a minute and put them back in. Auto lock after manual unlock has worked all 6 times since I did that. Probably should have tried that several weeks ago.


This is now happening to me after about a month of working. Absolutely deal breaker when the lock you buy to add protection ends up leaving you more vulnerable. Total fail and there is no way I can trust UTEC moving forward

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Exact same issue hear with auto lock not working all of a sudden. Has to be reset in the app or a power cycle with batteries but seems to stop working again when you manually unlock from inside. Massive issue as it is the main means to exiting from inside.

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