U-Bolt Wifi with door sensor auto lock

When I first steup my lock, I paired my door sensor and turned on auto lock. Everything worked just fine for a couple of months, and now it will only lock itself back after using the app or a code to unlock. If I manually unlock it from the inside, it does not lock back when I close it. It also registers the unlocks from codes or apps and auto re-locks, but does not register manual unlocks in the log. I can reset the lock back to factory, and re-set it up and it will work once or twice, but then stops again.

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Hi Mark,

We are really sorry for the inconvenience caused for you. This is not what we want our customers to experience.

A ticket has been created for this issue and our colleague will reply to you in detail. Please check your e-mail later.

Thanks for your understanding.

I am having the same issue. I have a ubolt pro wifi
It worked fine for some time but not only works sporadically. If opened manually from the inside it will not auto lock when door is closed (the sensor does pick up that the door is closed and not open). It will close it opened using code or fingerprint from the outside.
It works once immediately after resetting the auto lock in the app or reinstalling the sensor, but stops working immediately after the first attempt.

You need to get with u-tec support. I contacted them and since it was still under warranty, they sent me out a new part. I switched the part out and it’s working properly so far.

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My sensor worked fine for 4 mos but now I have to reconnect it twice a week.