Auto Lock with Door Sensor Feature Update

For U-Bolt WiFi Series which are equiped with door sensor, there has been a major update with the auto lock feature starting from firmware version 02.25.0021.
Before this version, the door sensor lock will lock immediately when the door is closed. Now, there are two options to set up in the App. You can choose to auto lock immediately or auto lock after a certain time.
We have made this update thanks to our customers’ feedback.


door sensor is a nice feature


Nice. I think I suggested this, but I’m still waiting for the firmware update. I have three devices and all are on 02.23.0021. Therefore, all three locks lock themselves immediately upon closing if Auto Lock is on, and the only time the Auto Lock works with it’s timer is when I unlock the deadbolt and leave the door shut.


This is what it looks like in my app under Auto Lock.

I am in the same boat. I have not received the Firmware update for mine either. Can this be requested manually?

New firmware 2.26 is ready to upgrade.

Lol no I did! Let’s just be happy they did it.

I have the older no -wifi model…. but seriously considering an upgrade.

Where you get the door sensor?

I have this functionality on the ubolt pro wifi model running FW 02.26.0021 and it is working well. I also have this functionality on a different ubolt pro WiFi that I was pretty sure I upgraded the firmware of, and the firmware page says is currently up to date (not showing an upgrade available) but the firmware is reporting the older version 02.23.0021 for some reason. I think it’s just the version being incorrectly reported to me because the functionality is there.

Door sensor feature is only with U-Bolt WiFi or Z-Wave Lock. U-Bolt bluetooth lock do not have.